The Complete Muhammad Ali by Ishmael Reed

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Book Review: The Complete Muhammad Ali by Ishmael Reed

Phil Taylor
October 05, 2015

Muhammad Ali was a one man Boxer Rebellion, the fighter who did the rare thing of changing minds and hearts by challenging racism and empire at the risk of fame and fortune. Like Haley’s Comet, such a person doesn’t come around often, people everywhere felt better knowing he was there. So who is he really? You got to read Ishmael Reed’s The Complete Muhammad Ali to get an idea. Ishmael is a veteran fighter/writer, with success in several divisions(poetry, novels, music)
and more likely to get it right than the corporate journalists or established fight crowd. Reed is like the journeyman champ, Archie Moore: cagey, unorthodox, able to land a punch from unexpected directions. Insights from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Willie Pep, Miles Davis, and the man who 1st sold Ali “Muhammad S ...

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Signs of the times

September 07, 2015

Major media feature a drowned Syrian boy

When they show you a picture of a dead child
you can be sure they intend to bomb someone

Long ago B Brecht wrote:

On a wall it is written ‘they want war’
He who wrote this has already fallen.

Somber broadcasters say: “You may find the following images
disturbing” to guarantee close attention.

But no image is as disturbing as the behaviour of our Masters of War.

Refugees are fleeing the wars incited and financed from Washington.
The Exceptional/Indispensable state dictating the fate of Syrians, Libyans, Iraqis.

Time, now, to put an end to New World Ordering.

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  • TO UNDERSTAND RWANDA'S TRAGEDY: The neglected account of Captain Amadou Deme Senegalese soldier, UN intelligence officer, and witness with a conscience.

    Phil Taylor
    April 06, 2015

    April 6 1994 is the fateful date of the beginning of the war/genocide/massacres in Rwanda. The plane of President Habyarimana was shot down over the capital city, Kigali, and horrific violence unfolded.

    Everyone is asked/ordered to remember (and then told what to remember). Official memory in Rwanda is under the authority of the former Ugandan General and now Rwandan President Paul Kagame, warmly supported by prominent names from the Anglosphere like America's UN ambassador, Samantha Powers (she was not a witness but has no trouble filling pages at great length about the vast lessons to be learned).

    On the night of the 6th Kagame, by all accounts, ordered his Rwandan Patriotic Forces (RPF) into attack that very same night, though there was a peace accord in pl ...

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  • OSCAR TALK: A Duel in the Hollywood Sunset.

    January 21, 2015

    SELMA is the story of a black American freedom fighter who was killed by a low-life sniper.

    AMERICAN SNIPER is the story of a Navy Seal elite sniper (not your boring regular soldier) who in real life liked to tell “stretchers” about casually shooting Americans after Katrina and who despised America’s 1st black president. The film was directed by a millionaire actor and Romneyite from Carmel, who once pretended (it is his line of work) the President was an empty chair that he bested in a debate, living by his principle of never engaging in a fair fight, a certified bushwhacker! The director, Clint Deadwood, occasionally deigns to be interviewed by liberals like John Stewart, provided they are willing to play trembling squirrels to his snake.

    So Sniper is out ...

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