Taylor-Report.com - Carving Sudan: Hollywood's helping handCarving Sudan: Hollywood's helping hand
February 18, 2005

"Bush Meets With 'Hotel Rwanda' Manager Paul Rusesabagina...Rusesabagina wants to work with the President" (AP, Feb 17, 2005)

Agit-prop arrives in Sudan. ABC news on Feb. 9 ran a special report from actor Don Cheadle on the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan (we mention Sudan because the Western media is already treating Darfur like it is a separate country). And Cheadle, who has won acclaim as the non-genocidal Hutu in the film Hotel Rwanda, found a refugee who had the following solutions to her country's problems. She told Cheadle: "What we need from the United States is to take this government out of Sudan...to replace the government." As if to give wings to her wishes Cheadle later quotes a U.S. Air Force Major General, Scott Gration, apparently along on the same propaganda mission. Also present were U.S. Congressmen and none other than Paul Rusesabagina, hotel manager portrayed by Cheadle.

Oh, and one other guy of interest. John Prendergast of the International Crisis Committee and formerly of the Clinton White House. Actor Cheatle and Prendergast recently co-authored an op-ed piece for the New York Times that connected the dots that run from the front door of Hotel Rwanda to western Sudan. One day Cheadle's in a melodrama that mangles the truth about Rwanda and the next his name is on an op-ed advocating intervention in Sudan.Who arranged the link-up of Cheadle and Prendergast? Maybe they were brought together by billionaire George Soros, the Daddy Warbucks behind so many of the human rights missionary commandos of the world.

There it was in the Sudanese desert: Hollywood, a U.S. television network, Congressmen, US NGO honchos with clout and a U.S. General. And they all agree: mug the Sudanese govenment. And yes, there is a lot of oil in the region; but only the Chinese and the Russians care about such things, greedy devils that they are. The Yankees are on a mission to protect victims and spread freedom like you do manure.

It is clear that the U.S. is the driving force against the Khartoum government. Very likely they are connected to the well-armed and equipped "rebels", just as the U.S. is working with Jean Garang's organization in southern Sudan. This propaganda show of Cheadle and company nicely illustrates what is afoot and yet in Canada and the U.S. various peace organizations are demanding the US do more,

They have perhaps forgotten that the U.S. has already done more. It was Bill Clinton (Prendergast's boss) who violated international law by ordering that missiles be fired into the city of Khartoum and destroyed a pharmaceutical plant that was producing the only anti-malarial medicines in the region. Clinton claimed it was producing biological weapons for terrorists, but everyone who looked into the matter said otherwise. The U.S. never apologized, the U.S. paid no damages. Of course that was also part of the Monica moment for Clinton and his decision to play the steely-eyed commander firing missiles into Afghanistan and Sudan took him from the doghouse to the Whitehouse. Clinton could teach Cheadle something about acting.

Unless the U.S. makes amends for its crimes against Sudan it should have no say in Darfur, yet the U.S. is clearly calling the shots. The U.S. is using Don Cheadle and the film Hotel Rwanda for interventionist propaganda. Hotel Rwanda never addressed the fact of armed aggression against Rwanda from Uganda which set in motion the events that ended in tragedy just as today mainstream media, left-right-and-center, plays down or ignores the armed violence of perpetrated by so-called rebels who are loud in their expressions of regard for the U.S. and Britain.