Taylor-Report.com - Syria is on the front line against western sponsored terrorism. Syria is on the front line against western sponsored terrorism.
July 17, 2013

Only weeks ago President of Egypt Mursi attended a rally of religious sectarians calling for the overthrow of Syria's government in the name of a particular school of Islam, wishing the curse of civil war on a sovereign state. Such wild talk should have been the reason to remove him.

He waved the flag of the sectarians and urged young Egyptians to join the mercenary brigades financed by the Western powers and petroleum potentates. Mursi went further, he respectfully asked/begged the masters of western capital to seize Syrian airspace to enable the destruction of the Syrian Republic. O brotherhood leader Mursi did all this at the bidding of Qatar's absolute rulers, they had financed his (money takes all) election. But on the road to Damascus there came a problem.

Syria has proven to be a tough nut to crack. Being a nation that protects all faiths and actively resists sectarian strife it has kept its essential unity in the face of the old colonial tactic of division and rule. Washington's feigned concern for "out of control" muslim fighters is a transparent scam. From day one they sought a "holy war" in Syria as they had previously in Afghanistan and Iraq. America has a "don't ask don't tell" relationship to the worst terrorists in Syria. However, the Syrian army has stunned the cannibals and kidnappers favored by the west. Al-Jazeera, Qatar's mouthpiece, has gone from roar to squeek.

As setbacks occurred for the mercenaries odd things began to happen in their camp of bankrollers. The Emir of Qatar decided to step down. Erdogan in Turkey suddenly found the ability to shut up. And, of course, Mursi had his rug pulled by Egypt's enigmatic army.

In the same time frame the Syrian opposition leaders, always seen in photos with power icons of the West, chose once again a do-over leadership, replacing a Qatar lackey with a bona fide Saudi lackey. Thus the absolute oil monarchies resume their terrorist struggle to mash up Syria to please Washington. Meanwhile the NATO wrecking crew continues to stack arms in Jordan and Turkey while playing with the volume on its "Do Something" media machine.

And problems have appeared for the wild colonial boys. Iran, Russia and China are taking an active unpredictable interest. This is not Libya. The Arab people long ago made up their minds against western empires who will do anything for them, except get off their backs.

The sovereign state of Syria is winning a war against western sponsored terrorism. The region is experiencing tremors and aftershock as a result.

This old anvil--Syria--laughs at many broken hammers.