Taylor-Report.com - Stop war threats against SyriaStop war threats against Syria
September 02, 2013

Obama was going to draw a red line across the throat of Syria. But, for the moment, the Go-it-alone ranger is having 2nd thoughts or perhaps 1st thoughts. The British Parliament nixed their Prime Minister's intention to attack Syria. The last time Parliament did that it was to end Lord North's desire to continue the war against American colonists who were thought to be lawless and uncivilized. Instead his Britannic Majesty settled for a new Prime Minister and the Treaty of Paris.

Syria is a sovereign state and cannot be faulted in its response to Washington. Obama, in line with recent predecessors, has defined America as the "indispensible" nation, an adolescent notion to dignify bullying. According to the doctrine of U.S. superiority the Syrian nation has no rights which Washington is bound to respect, to paraphrase the infamous Taney in Dred Scott. Except it does. And all other self-respecting countries, particularly former colonies, know Syria has rights as a sovereign country. An accusation by a sworn enemy of the Syrian government (not a regime) has to be taken before an appropriate forum, evidence presented, rebuttals heard and efforts of resolution pursued. Otherwise we return to the track that produced two great, and real, wars. Acts of war and threats are not allowed.

President Obama said he would initiate an action—an act of war an