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January 21, 2015

SELMA is the story of a black American freedom fighter who was killed by a low-life sniper.

AMERICAN SNIPER is the story of a Navy Seal elite sniper (not your boring regular soldier) who in real life liked to tell “stretchers” about casually shooting Americans after Katrina and who despised America’s 1st black president. The film was directed by a millionaire actor and Romneyite from Carmel, who once pretended (it is his line of work) the President was an empty chair that he bested in a debate, living by his principle of never engaging in a fair fight, a certified bushwhacker! The director, Clint Deadwood, occasionally deigns to be interviewed by liberals like John Stewart, provided they are willing to play trembling squirrels to his snake.

So Sniper is outselling sniper victim and America continues to loose the wars but win the movies.