Taylor-Report.com - ArticlesPoem: Nurture or Shooter
Dan Wilcox
May 19, 2013

Strapped in her seat in the cafe the baby puts her mother’s
cellphone to her ear, pokes at keys, says “Hello”
just what her mother does, grandma’s curls passed down
in unbottled hues -- when her mother says “Thank you”
for the check, she says “Thank you,” reaches for her Grandma’s
out-stretched hand at the door. No one tells her what to do
she watches, mimics, follows those she loves, does what they do.

We should stop there -- this child has learned all she has to know.

Don’t let some stranger show her
to walk in step -- to say “Yes, Sir!” “No, Sir!”
to lock & load -- to click on target
to push the kill button without saying “Hello.”

-- Dan Wilcox, Albany, NY...
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Taylor-Report.com - ArticlesThe Eritrean "Coup" That Never Was
Thomas C. Mountain
February 09, 2013

The New York Times and its cult followers in the American media, amongst others, manufactured an attempted "coup" that never happened in the small East African country of Eritrea.

The story of this "attempted coup" began last Monday morning, January 21 in a small garrison base south of here when three disgruntled officers told their command that they were being transferred to the capital Asmara to guard the Ministry of Information. Excited to be leaving their remote location for life in the capital the citizen soldiers in the command packed their bags, loaded their two tanks on to their trailers, saddled up and headed for the big city.

Several hours later the unit arrived at the unguarded gates of the Eritrean Ministry of Information, unloaded their tanks and,...
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Taylor-Report.com - ArticlesThat Missile is no Patriot
January 11, 2013

According to the news NATO has directed German and Dutch troops to place an American "Patriot" missile system in Turkey hard by the Syrian border. Across that border the CIA and Arab oil-sheiks have been running madness-for-hire mercenaries, disguised with Islamic verbiage. The stated American/NATO goal is regime change in Damascus. In other words an illegal and violent intervention into the internal affairs of a sovereign state. At this stage the power-drunk have stopped caring about laws and treaties, they are the indispensable empire without borders. It is something they drone on about.

So perhaps it is fortunate that the Washington crew for naming things chose Patriot for one of their big bang weapons. The name invites reflection. Patriot?

A patriot is s...
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Taylor-Report.com - ArticlesThe Benghazi Thing
September 21, 2012

It is play-like time in the "indispensible nation"

From the Halls of Montezuma, take one:

Let's play-like we care about international law and respect for other peoples.

Libya has oil but we care only for humanity and progress; when trouble is reported we must apply our "indispensibleness".

A play-like "no-fly" zone is established from which we bomb Libya (a Lord of the Fly Zone, perhaps).

Let's play-like we have a neutral arms embargo and then arm the side we favor, to make havoc and death more efficient...and rewarding.

Let's play like we know what a "diplomat" is and deliver said diplomat into the rebel stronghold of a sovereign country. Supply him with armored vehicles and muscular commando t...
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Taylor-Report.com - ArticlesSuivre la Couronne britannique ou la France aura ta peau
September 19, 2012

Suivre la Couronne britannique ou la France aura ta peau
Les mots du général Brock en juillet 1812.

On a toujours fait de Brock le héro du narratif Tory de la guerre de 1812. Un général, tombé lors de sa première bataille peu après le début de la guerre, le martyr parfait, courageux avec un curriculum vitae bref et concis.

Ottawa voudrait faire du capital politique Tory et Loyaliste avec la guerre de 1812. Les gens réfléchis, méfiant des intentions de Harper, se demandent, « mais c’était quoi, cette guerre? » On comprendrait mieux si les ardents partisans de la Reine à Ottawa voudraient bien partager une notion cruciale à la pensée du général Brock sur la guerre qui s’annonçait. Le 22 juillet 1812, Brock a fait une proclamation expliquant pourquoi il ...
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