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Dr. David Hoile,

An exclusive feature interview live from Al-Fasher, Darfur, with Dr. David Hoile, Director of the European Sudan Public Affairs Council. Phil talks to Dr. Hoile about the current situation in Darfur and the US charge of genocide. Dr. Hoile points out that Médecins Sans Frontičres had gone on the record to say that it is not genocide. He describes the humanitarian crisis as the result of a complex war involving well-armed rebel groups with outside backing, various militias, bandits and the Sudan military. The rebels are attempting to destabilize the government of Sudan, perhaps on behalf of powerful interests who have their eye on Darfur's resources. Phil and Dr. Hoile also talk about the Clinton administration's criminal Tomahawk missile strike on a Sudanese pharmaceutical factory in 1998.

The European Sudanese Public Affairs Council