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Keith Harmon Snow, Robin Philpot,

Keith Harmon Snow talks to Phil about "the world's most neglected emergency" - the ongoing tragedy of the Congo where perhaps six million have died since 1996. Most of the victims have been noncombatants who have died from hunger or disease as a consequence of the invasions and wars sponsored by western powers trying to gain control of the region's mineral wealth. Keith Harmon Snow also talks about the movie Hotel Rwanda ("propaganda; malicious, destructive, violent disinformation") and the situation in Sudan ("Darfur is all about oil").

Robin Philpot, the author of "Rwanda 1994: Colonialism dies hard", points to the RPF invasion of Rwanda in 1990 as the key event that led to later tragedies. "If not for that invasion there would have been no slaughters in 1994 in Rwanda, or later in the Congo". Philpot argues that the often-repeated claim that 'the international community refused to intervene in Rwanda' is a myth. In truth, the US and Britain prevented any intervention because they wanted the RPF to take power. Philpot talks about his interview with former UN General Secretary Boutros-Ghali that reveals much about the actual events in Rwanda, including possible CIA involvement in the shooting down of the plane carrying the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi that triggered the Rwandan tragedy.

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Second Thoughts on the Hotel Rwanda by Robin Philpot - Counterpunch.org