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August 2004

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Featured Guest(s):
Isaac Saney, Wayne Madsen,

Phil begins the hour by reading from John Laughland's perceptive article in the Guardian of August 2 exposing the lies about Sudan.

Isaac Saney, speaking from Trinidad, talks with Phil about the "unknown story" of Cuba's selfless and courageous role in helping to defeat South African apartheid. Saney, the author of "Cuba: A Revolution In Motion", derides the US characterization of Cuba as a 'terrorist state' when Cuba has been the victim of numerous terrorist attacks backed by the US government.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen talks with Phil about his forthcoming book, "Jaded Tasks: Big Oil, Black Ops and Brass Plates" which the Bush administration is trying to suppress until after the election. Madsen talks about the confluence of big oil companies and mercenaries in Iraq and Africa. Former apartheid special forces, ex-Pinochet presidential police, former Contras, political operatives from Iran/Contra, Cuban exiles and prominent neo-cons are all linked together.

The Guardian - The mask of altruism disguising a colonial war: Oil will be the driving factor for military intervention in Sudan - by John Laughland

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Featured Guest(s):
Miguel San Vicente,

Miguel San Vicente, of A Different Book List, talks to Phil, Jacob Leibovitch and Steve Reimer about his recent trip to Venezuela. Miguel witnessed the inspiring victory of President Hugo Chavez in the August 15 referendum. Miguel pointed out the extent of popular support for Chavez - strong majorities in 8 elections in the last 5 years - despite which the opposition and the United States still try to portray him as illegitimate. He said you only needed to look up to the barrios surrounding Caracas to see houses completely painted in Chavez red and slogans supporting the President. Popular music supporting Chavez was also widespread.

Chavez' victory came despite a virulent campaign against him by the two major newspapers and all the private tv stations. Much of the anti-Chavez opposition has been sponsored by the US through such institutions as the National Endowment for Democracy. Reforms in health, education, land and jobs are priorities for the Chavez government and results are already evident. Miguel noted that job creation projects have meant that the formerly filthy streets of Caracas are now cleaner than the streets of Toronto. Medical care is now much more accessible to the poor, thanks in part to the 10,000 Cuban doctors in Venezuela and Cuban scholarships for Venezuelan medical students.


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Featured Guest(s):
Miguel San Vicente, Stan Goff,

Phil interviews Miguel San Vicente, of A Different Book List, from Caracas Venezuela about the inspiring victory of President Hugo Chavez in the recent referendum. Despite a hostile media and US backing for the opposition, Chavez called for defending his governments programs for literacy, food and land distribution and won over 58% of the vote.

Stan Goff, the author of "Hideous Dream: A Soldier’s Memoir of the US Invasion of Haiti", talks with Phil about similarities between Venezuela and Haiti, particularly in how the US works to create first an economic crisis, secondly a political crisis, and thirdly a security crisis to serve as the excuse for intervention. The difference, of course, has been the defence of Chavez' government by the 'Bolivarian circles' and the loyalty of the army to Chavez. Goff also talks about Haiti's long history of rebellion and the bicentennial of the 1804 Haitian revolution for independence - the second successful revolution in this hemisphere, and the first to arise from a slave rebellion.


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Featured Guest(s):
Alsir Sidahmed,

Darfur needs peace more than aid - Alsir Sidahmed

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