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December 2004

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Featured Guest(s):
Professor Isaac Saney,

Professor Saney, of Dalhousie University, is the author of "Cuba: A Revolution in Motion". Professor Saney talks to Phil about the good response to his recent speaking tour of the US about Cuba. Saney notes that the US views Cuba as a challenge to its hegemony over Latin America. The engineered overthrow of the legitimate elected government of Haiti, with Canadian government complicity, was a test case for Venezuela and Cuba. Ironically, the US government characterizes Cuba as "a force for destabilization" because of Cuba's provision of doctors to poor areas around the world. Professor Saney points out that Cuba has been lauded as a model for underdeveloped nations for health care, for dealing with HIV/AIDS, for economic growth, and for redistribution of wealth. Professor Saney also talks about his soon-to-be-released video documentary about Cuba's important role in southern African liberation struggles.

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Under the shadow of Mt. Weather

Featured Guest(s):
Joe Bageant,

Phil and Phil Conlon discuss Seymour Melman, a Columbia University scholar who helped galvanize the antiwar movement from the 1950's on with analyses of the social costs of military spending. Melman died on Dec. 16 at his home in Manhattan.

Phil interviews Counterpunch contributor Joe Bageant about his Counterpunch article "Under the Shadow of Mount Weather: Driving on the Bones of God":

"Mount Weather is the hub of a nerve center of about 100 other Federal Relocation Centers, which guarantee that the really big players in the game escape even the worst disasters they create with their asses intact."

Bageant talks with Phil about current US politics, the militarization of American culture, the role of the religious fundamentalists, and the use of Lynndie England and others like her as cannon fodder and scapegoats.

Under the Shadow of Mt. Weather - Counterpunch.org

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Featured Guest(s):
Robin Philpot , Phil Conlon,

Phil interviews Robin Philpot about his upcoming book on the Quebec referendum of 1995 and pro-federalists' willful violation of Quebec's election law. Philpot points out that the federal government and others outside of Quebec spent something like $17 million to support the 'no' vote, although Quebec law limited spending by each side to $5 million in total. Examples include the Toronto Star renting buses and running full-page ads to urge people to attend a 'unity rally' in Montreal days before the vote. Air Canada provided a 'unity fare' of under $100 return from Vancouver for that rally, that Philpot says was, "more like an occupation than a love-in".

Phil and Phil Conlon talk about Iris Chang, author of "The Rape of Nanking", "Thread of the Silkworm" and "The Chinese in America". Chang's works on Japanese atrocities in Nanking in 1937-1938, and 150 years of history of Chinese immigration to the US have been widely acclaimed. She was working on a book about the experience of Americans who were Japanese prisoners of war in WWII when she apparently committed suicide in November.

The Official Home Page of Iris Chang

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Featured Guest(s):
John Laughland, Anthony Fenton,

Phil interviews John Laughland, a journalist with the Guardian and a member of the British Helsinki Human Rights Group, about current events in Ukraine. Laughland talks about the bias of mainstream media and argues that the question of 'electoral fraud' is a smokescreen for a broader agenda - the desire of the US to rip Ukraine from Russian influence as part of the goal of gaining control of Russian oil reserves. It is "world geopolitics at the very highest level" in which the so-called 'independent observers' and NGO's promote the fairy-tale of a 'popular uprising' that is actually purchased by Western powers.

Phil also talks with BC journalist Anthony Fenton of the Dominion paper. Fenton exposes Canada's role in supporting the US-sponsored coup against Haiti's popularly elected President Aristide, and in contributing to the continuing illegal occupation of Haiti. Fenton talks about the role of the RCMP in providing training and direction to Haitian police who are conducting a virtual extermination campaign against supporters of Aristide.

The Dominion: Canada's Grassroots Newspaper
Haiti Action Committee

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