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January 2005

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Featured Guest(s):
Keith Ellis,

Phil opens by reading from Dave Zirin's Counterpunch article on Donovan McNabb: "We should never pass up the opportunity to point out that Rush Limbaugh is not only a racist pig but, unlike the swine, one of our stupider mammals as well. This past weekend, as All-Pro quarterback Donovan F. McNabb led the Philadelphia Eagles to their first Super Bowl in 25 years, Limbaugh was undoubtedly chasing oxycontin with Kahlua in a state of utter misery." Zirin will be a guest on the Taylor Report February 7. Phil and Phil Conlon also talk about Zirin's important comments about Tom Frank's outrageous attack in The New Republic on critic's of the US attack on Iraq - calling for the use of a "bunker buster" on Arundhati Roy, for example.

Guest Keith Ellis, the translator of a bilingual anthology of poems by the acclaimed Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén, talks about some of the progress being made by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. He discusses the current redistribution of 75 million acres of land to 117,000 Venezuelans, and the ability of the Venezuelan government to direct $4 billion to health care, with the strong support of Cuba. Ellis also talks about the Colombian-sponsored kidnapping of Colombian guerilla leader Rodrigo Granda from Caracas in December.

Mr. Frank's Fatwah
Proud "Black Quarterback"

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Featured Guest(s):
Tiphaine Dickson, Ben Chaney,

Phil interviews Tiphaine Dickson, about the "extremely manipulative disinformation" of the movie Hotel Rwanda. "I was shocked beyond my expectations by the mendacity of the whole project and by the highly manipulative emotional nature of the way so-called facts are presented". Ms Dickson knows whereof she speaks - the Montreal lawyer represented defendant Georges Rutaganda at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. In conversation with Phil she details item after item from the movie that falsely depicts her client prejudicially. "It's irresponsible, to say the least," she says, "people are imprisoned unjustly today in Rwanda and ... three and a half million people have died as a result of the current government, the famous rebels that we hear about in the film, since their invasion of Congo in 1998"

Phil talks to Ben Chaney in more detail about the latest developments in the case of his brother, James Earl Chaney, who was murdered with two other civil rights activists in Mississippi in 1964. The Attorney General of Mississippi, despite promises to do so, did not turn the case over to federal investigators or a special prosecutor. Instead, the state has charged only one of the eight surviving perpetrators. They continue to protect the rich and powerful who were involved.


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Featured Guest(s):
Ben Chaney,

Ben Chaney, brother of slain civil rights martyr James Earl Chaney, comments on the recent indictment of 'Preacher' Killen in the 1964 murder. He expresses his disappointment that "the rich and powerful individuals" responsible are still being protected.

Phil talks to Phil Conlon about the US civil rights movement; the importance of Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion; and the recent death of James Forman, who had been prominent in the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee and the Black Panthers.


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Featured Guest(s):
Stan Goff, Professor Keith Ellis,

Phil talks to Stan Goff about his recent Counterpunch article "Phase One Against Empire; A Period For Pedagogy". Goff, author of "Hideous Dream: A Soldier's Memoir of the U.S. Invasion of Haiti", proposes some provocative ideas about the future direction of the anti-war movement in the US. "We need to mobilize against the war, and also use it as an opportunity to connect the dots between the war and what people see going on in their own lives ... this is a system creating this, a system that can be unmade by people." Goff also talks about the major mobilization against the Iraq war being held March 19 in Fayetteville NC, near the US military base of Fort Bragg.

Phil interviews Professor Keith Ellis, recently returned from the Congress of Intellectuals and Artists for Humanity, held in Caracas by the Venezuelan Ministry of Culture. Ellis is the translator of a bilingual anthology of poems by the acclaimed Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén

Phase One Against Empire - Counterpunch.org
Freedom Road Magazine Online

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