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June 2013

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Syria vs. the Interventionists. Empires and Monarchs Conspire Against Syria

Featured Guest(s):
Zafar Bangash,

Syria's recent military victories against Western-backed mercenaries pose a problem for the country, in that it has enraged the United States and its Gulf State puppets. Samantha Power - who has a PhD in chattering at parties and intervening in other peoples affairs (both figuratively and literally) says we have a "responsibility to protect" Syria, while at the same time her global liberation army dismantles the country.

Why should we respect the monocled newspaper commentary that 'Syria will never be the old Syria?' Yes it will - if we respect international borders. Where did we get the idea that one government can tell another to step down?

Meanwhile, the entire Irish Parliament cowered from Clare Daly's barrage of truth. Someone is going to get spanked for letting her speak. It turns out that the peasants have some leaders.

Zafar Bangash joins the program to offer analysis on crucial developments. At a recent meeting in Doha, consisting of 11 countries, the main interventionists [U.S., France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc...] met and decided to arm the cannibals with more potent weapons.

We complain about Bush's "New World Order," but where is the order? Every single country they touch is being divided. The West has not abandoned its colonial impulses, and borders are being redrawn once again.

There exists resistance. At the recent anti-war rally in Toronto, we heard for the first time in years a neglected voice from the Syrian community. They want Syria's destiny to be determined by Syrians.

Bangash also comments on the new Iranian president. The Washington Post ran a headline to the effect that he would never be allowed to win. They must have confused the Iranian electoral system with the American one.

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Syria, WMDs, and stopping terror - Here we go again. NATO Maneuvers and Countries of Clay

Featured Guest(s):
Stephen Gowans, Rick Rozoff,

Stephen Gowans addresses the question of chemical weapons - "The evidence does not tell us how and when the individuals were exposed, or who was responsible." We've started with the premise that Assad did it, and now just need to fit the evidence to the crime.

Real experts are needed to make judgements - the White House itself referred to a broken "chain of custody" in the samples. But we need the head-barbequing, organ-eating fanatics to win, so it's time to gear up the lie machine.

Guess who is eating up the lies? The media, of course. But you have brains. Carla Del Ponte already talked about the rebel use of chemicals. Put it together.

Too bad we don't have a Parliament. We do have a police state.

The New Sykes-Picot

The carving-up of the old Ottoman Empire continues 100 years later. Iraq exists as an entity on a map, but it is already de-facto at least two. We know why. NATO is moving its regional headquarters from Greece to Turkey, consolidating two military commands.

In Jordan, NATO is leaving behind a bevy of troops and missiles for later unspecified use. Ideas of sovereignty and states are becoming almost mythical in that region. Whole countries are treated like clay.

While NATO gobbles up Eastern Europe, it is moving into the Middle East, and recruiting "aspiring" countries from the former USSR to South America. Any obscure conflict involving the Dniester area could bring NATO into a European war.

The finger is on the button to launch strikes on Syria. It can happen at any time. The largest conflict since the second world war is looming into view.

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Gaza's Ark has been purchased. Cuba Under Siege

Featured Guest(s):
Ehab Lotayef, Keith Bolender,

We learn that Gaza's Ark has been purchased: an international effort to move goods out of Palestine via boat. Ehab Lotayef reports.

Keith Bolender, the author of "Cuba Under Siege," discusses the trial of the Cuban Five. The U.S. government paid Miami-based journalists to write demeaning and degrading information about Cuba. These stories were planted before the trial of the Cuban Five.

Bolender's book "Cuba Under Siege: American Policy, the Revolution and Its People," investigates the effects of the decades-long blockade and war of propaganda against Cuba. How does a revolutionary state protect itself and its citizens under this unrelenting hostility?

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Developments in Syria and Turkey: Israeli involvement; Lebanon as a beach-head against Syria. Joel Richardson on the power of images

Featured Guest(s):
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Joel Richardson,

We are once again being let down wall-to-wall by corporate media. Events in Syria are coming to a turn. Russia and the United States are having a meeting, after delaying attempts by France.

But just what kind of war is being fought? The Toronto Star quoted an Imam from Qatar - his language was utterly inflammatory and sectarian. Mahdi Nazemroaya has the answers, including Israel's involvement. Israel is using Lebanon to attack Syria.

In Turkey, Erdogan's attempt to gain popularity through fake support for the Palestinian cause is wearing thin. His 'neo-Ottoman' policy was always the subordination of Islam to capitalism. Erdogan's covert war on Syria has destroyed Turkish trade with the Arab world.

Joel Richardson is a Toronto artist and muralist - if you pass through Toronto's underpasses on the West end of the city, you often find Richardson's murals.

Phil asks him to identify his murals. Richardson plans to set a world record on the number of people engaged in wearing suits and meditating simultaneously in an attempt to reverse policy on development.

He also describes his involvement in the Occupy Movement in liberating the wall of the J.P. Morgan building.

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