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September 2013

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Ramsey Clark's visit to Syria. Why I am protesting Paul Kagame

Featured Guest(s):
Ramsey Clark, Theogene Rudasingwa,

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who has recently returned from Syria, recounts his meeting with President Assad, and the new peace initiatives in the region.

Clark reviews the disastrous record of recent U.S. military interventions and regime change. The United States has made Assad's presidency into a foreign policy issue. But Assad should not live or die based on the whims of the U.S.

Theogene Rudasingwa, once the executive assistant of President Paul Kagame, and secretary-general of the RPF, explains why he and many others are protesting Kagame's visit to Toronto.

He also discusses the continuing Rwandan military presence in Eastern Congo, and the central motivation of President Kagame and his ruling circle.


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The Battle for Freedom in the American South. Notorious warlord Paul Kagame comes to town. New film about Cuba's assistance in liberating Southern Africa.

Featured Guest(s):
Charles McLaurin, Gally Gasana, Isaac Saney,

Phil talks with Charles McLaurin in Mississippi, one of the leaders of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, about the battle for freedom in the American South back when it was an Apartheid South.

Specifically, they discuss Jim Dann, and his new book, "Challenging the Mississippi Firebombers: Memories of Mississippi 1964-1965."

So much of what we know from these battles in American history comes from historical overviews, but they don't tell us what it was like to go down a country road at night to a meeting that the Klan has cancelled, they had said, because they intended to kill everybody.

Gally Gasana discusses the protest of Rwandan war criminal Paul Kagame's visit to Toronto.

Isaac Saney reveals an important new film playing in Toronto, "Africa's Unknown War: Apartheid Terror, Cuba, and Southern African Liberation."

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Yves Engler on Canada and Syria. Counter-Questions on Syria from Stephen Gowans

Featured Guest(s):
Yves Engler, Stephen Gowans,

Yves Engler joins the program to explain Canada's "special role" in the world, in this case, the assault on Syria. Once again, our government is a sad appendage of Empire, condemning the official enemies while staying out of major combat operations.

Yves describes the anti-Syria meeting in Jordan our military officers participated in, which they hoped nobody would notice. Meanwhile, our government is funding and co-ordinating illegal insurgent forces. It hides them from the terror list. Why? And why is our intrusive government unable to prevent fundamentalist militants from going into Syria in higher numbers than any other country?

Yves also comments on Canadian use of chemical weapons.

President Obama overstepped, and tried to mislead his audience as to what the rights and duties of a state are. Stephen Gowans explains that the talk about "international norms" is designed to distract us from "international law:" Syria hasn't violated any international law, whereas the proposed attack on Syria is such a violation.

Obama is making up the rules on the spot, and anointing himself as a world emperor. The U.S. even has a 'special status' on chemical weapons. You're supposed to be a good citizen and not ask questions about this.

Putin has presented a problem for editorial writers in the West: By stating that 'exceptionalism' is dangerous, and that all nations are "equal in the eyes of God," how do the presstitutes counter that?


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Kucinich questions expose Obama's "intelligence" claims. Exposing Saudi Arabia's Role in Syria.

Featured Guest(s):
Zafar Bangash,

Obama is playing hide-and-seek with what he is going to do to Syria, but Syria is clear: they are willing to relinquish their chemical weapons stock to U.N. control. Don't be fooled - this move towards peace will frustrate the U.S. leadership, who will intensify their drive for war.

Phil comments on Dennis Kucinich providing a voice of reason and asking the right questions. Meanwhile, Canadians can only turn to their own government for answers.

Zafar Bangash, who recently spoke at an anti-war rally, recalls the lies we were told about Iraq. He discusses the allegations of chemical warfare by the Syrian government, and the possession of said weapons by Syrian rebels.

What are the Saudis doing 'helping' collect evidence of chemical weapons use? They are pushing for war with Syria, and it's all coming out into the open.

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The "Kosovo Model" in Syria. Congressional Approval Does not Absolve Illegal War.

Featured Guest(s):
Michael Mandel, Rick Rozoff,

There are a lot of liberal partisans who want Obama to fire his Tomahawk missiles into Syria. Many call for "humanitarian intervention," citing the "Kosovo Model." Mandel explains what this "Model" is, and critiques its unilateral, non-humanitarian nature.

Despite its illegitimacy in the United Nations Security Council, and it's contravention of the Nuremberg trials, the United States and vassals have pushed to establish the "Kosovo model" as a precedent for more interventions.

The U.S. is acting as if a Congressional vote will legalize a war of aggression. It won't, and world parliaments are struggling to represent their anti-war populaces. The problem is that NATO views itself as an entity replacing political nation-state distinctions. Apparently, Turkey is "NATO's South-Eastern Border." We heard this when Fogh claimed Syria is a threat to Turkey.

Syria is not a threat to Turkey, but Turkey has already probed Syrian airspace, and mobilized troops along its border. Meanwhile, people are getting tired of NATO's support for jihadists, and it is endangering relations within NATO. There won't be any slowdown in the endless series of wars: the U.S. has a 'deep state' and it's committed to global hegemony.


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