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November 2013

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Phil Taylor Commentary on Roma + Mother Agnes-Mariam tour in Hamilton. Healing a Nation: A Testimony.

Featured Guest(s):
Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa,

In announcing the appearances of Mother Agnes-Mariam in Hamilton and Toronto, Phil talks about the need for peace and national reconciliation in Syria.

In discussing a new book on Roma people, Phil analyzes the new manifestations of racism against Roma in Europe and the unwillingness of the Harper government of Canada to admit Roma as refugees to Canada.

Phil interviews Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa about his new book on Rwanda entitled, "Healing A Nation: A Testimony."

Healing a Nation: A Testimony by Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa

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Learning new ideas at Beit Zatoun: Humanizing the Palestinian experience. From Russell Brand to Brand Socialism.

Featured Guest(s):
Robert Masoud, Stephen Gowans,

Beit Zatoun has been voted as the best place to learn new ideas in Toronto. Founder and director Robert Masoud discusses the award. Beit Zatoun has hosted over 500 events in the four years since opening.

Brand's one-day stint as editor of the New Statesman left a lot of people unsatisfied. Stephen Gowans argues that the purpose of articles in the 'revolution' issue was to criticize actual revolutions.

It seems as if a number of commentators preferred to define legitimate parameters for dissent, despite their own radical gloss. Gowans addresses Oliver Stone's critique of historical communist leaderships. Existing revolutions aren't good enough for Oliver Stone, but somehow Barack Obama is.

Beit Zatoun House
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised…Nor Will It Be Brought To You By Russell Brand, Oliver Stone Or Noam Chomsky

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Cuba embargo blocks medicine: The purpose of a siege is to hurt people. Phil Taylor Commentary: Honour veterans by preventing war.

Featured Guest(s):
Keith Bolender,

Medicine - contemporary medicine that can save lives - is not getting to Cuba. Keith Bolender, author of "Cuba under Siege" explains. Cuba is now closer to Latin America than it has ever been, despite continual U.S. attempts at isolation.

Phil and Keith also discuss other topics, such as Puerto Rican nationalism, and the parallels between Cuba and Ireland.

After lamenting the unfortunate dominance of Rob Ford scandals in the media on this important day, Phil asks "How do we remember veterans?"

Phil remembers an old Toronto Star article by an up-and-coming journalist about veterans trying to pawn their medals. The truth is that we pat soldiers on the back, and then forget about them.

We can glorify war, or we can try to prevent it. Only by preventing it can we honour the victims of war.

This is not an argument between pacifism and violence. It's an argument to obey international law.

Cuba Under Siege: American Policy, the Revolution and Its People by Keith Bolender

November 4th, 2013 : mp3 file not currently online

The modern persecution of the Roma people. Celebrating Michael Mandel.

Featured Guest(s):
Gina Csanyi-Robah, Harry Glasbeek, David Jacobs,

The recent case of the Roma family accused of kidnapping a blond child has drawn attention to the ongoing persecution of the Roma people in Europe, and discrimination in Canada.

Phil interviews Gina Csanyi-Robah, Executive Director of the Roma Community Centre. Although strides have been made in combating racism, there is still a long way to go.

Phil Taylor celebrates the life of York University Professor Michael Mandel, law professor extraordinaire, anti-war activist, promoter of Yiddish culture, and lover of classical music. Phil discusses Mandel's life, tragically cut short by a rare heart disease at age 65, with international human rights lawyer, David Jacobs, and Osgoode Hall law professor Harry Glasbeek. Particular focus was paid to Mandel's book, "How America Gets Away With Murder", and Mandel's attempt to lay charges before Carla Del Ponte at the International Criminal Court against Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Jean Chrétien, and leaders of other NATO countries for their illegal attack on the former Yugoslavia.

Roma Community Centre

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