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May 2014

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1912 - Breaking the Silence. Ongoing Kashmir Crisis. Black Music Month

Featured Guest(s):
Gloria Rolando, Lord Nazir Ahmed, Norman Otis Richmond,

Main guest Gloria Rolando, Cuban filmmaker. Rolando talks about her 3 part documentary 1912: Breaking the Silence, which goes to the heart of the Afro-Cubans revolution for liberty, fraternity and especially equality.

There is a brief discussion of the Canadian government shutting down the Syrian embassy to prevent Syrians in Canada from voting in the June 3 Syrian elections.

"We began in 1948 with a UN resolution to solve the problem in Kashmir, and yet it is still here with us." Lord Nazir Ahmed, a member of the House of Lords in Britain, explains. Lord Ahmed discusses past and present problems in Kashmir, the tension between Pakistan and India since 1947 and the need to give people of Kashmir right to self-determination.

Norman Otis Richmond, Journalist and "bluesologist," reminds us of President Carter proclaiming June to be Black History Month in 1979, and contrasts this to President Obama converting this event from a pan-African (international) event to a national one and renaming the event "African American Music Appreciation Month."

1912 - Breaking the Silence

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Workers take the fall for Lac-Mégantic. Mick Lowe - The Raids.

Featured Guest(s):
Mick Lowe,

Phil Taylor's co-host and former rail worker Phil Conlon explains the latest in the Lac-Mégantic disaster investigation. [10:20] It turns out that ordinary rail workers are doing the perp walk. The oligarch who runs the broken system? Still collecting profit.

Phil interviews Mick Lowe, author of "The Raids," a novel which takes place in Sudbury, Ontario, during the Red Scare of the 1950s. It details union raiding at a bitter and violent period of time in which workers fought each other instead of the boss. Moreover, the CIA may have been involved in the labour conflict because of the strategic importance of Canadian nickel to the United States.

Wrong parties charged in Lac-Mégantic disaster

www.barakabooks.com/news/coming-soon-the-raids-the-nickel-range-trilogy-vol-1-by-mick-lowe/ - The Raids

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The Hashtag Hunt for the Girls in Nigeria. U.S. policy on Ukraine - Follow the Money.

Featured Guest(s):
Glen Ford, Stephen Gowans,

What is American power going to do to save these children? We've heard this question before. It should raise caution flags. Black Agenda Report executive editor Glen Ford discusses this latest white man's burden. He critiques Margaret Kimberley's article on Black Agenda Report, "Freedom Rider: How Not To Bring Back Our Girls." He goes on to discuss Paul Kagame's ongoing aggression in Congo and abroad, and the nature of AFRICOM's expansion relative to China's growing trade presence in Africa.

Glen Ford gives a summary of what AFRICOM today really is. He explains that the US is not establishing its own military bases but is blending in with the military of African countries. The objective is to have the African military bases function as US military bases without actually BEING US military bases.

It seems like ancient history, but in November, all hell broke loose when the elected President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovitch, chose to defer an EU trade agreement. Writer Stephen Gowans, from "What's Left," explains what it was about Yanukovitch's government that offended Wall Street.

US Policy on Ukraine; Follow the Money

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Karegeya's Daughter Comments on Globe Revelations. How Kagame was given impunity. Is the Kiev government legitimate?

Featured Guest(s):
Portia Karegeya, Tiphaine Dickson,

Following a Globe and Mail article detailing her father's assassination, Portia Karegeya describes what she thinks can be done, and also the threats on the lives of other Rwandan leaders who are in exile.

Former lawyer and currently a Political Science instructor Tiphaine Dickson comments on the coverage of the assassination of Patrick Karegaya.

In the second half of the interview, Dickson discusses the legality of Kiev's 'interim government.' According to Ukraine's constitution, the president was not removed properly.

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