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American policy is responsible for ISIS. Ferguson violence alerts world. Is Garvey's spirit alive in Ferguson?

Featured Guest(s):
Zafar Bangash, Gloria La Riva, Norman Otis Richmond,

ISIS is a scam, just like the Syrian "chemical weapons" of last year. The same person is responsible for both of these: Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan.

The purpose is the same as last year's WMD hoax: to clear a path for U.S. entry into Syria.

Zafar Bangash explains how the U.S., Turkey, and Gulf monarchs have nurtured ISIS from the very beginning as their contra force against Syria.

Gloria La Riva reports on the growing movement sparked by the people's rejection of the police shooting to death a peaceful Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. She describes similar police shootings in other cities.

The militarized police rained rubber bullets on many people, including Gloria, who were marching in a legal, peaceful protest.

The people's demands are: Arrest murdering police officer Gary Wilson; Change the police force; Force the resignation of the DA prosecutor and of the police chief.

Gloria states that the Militarized Police show racism and a disdain for the poor, that those in power focus on dividing and conquering the working class. She derides the power system: Pentagon giving weapons to local police and the FBI countering People's movements with a coordinated (and financed by taxpayers) plan.

Norman Otis Richmond celebrates the great African Internationalist Marcus Garvey on the 100th anniversary of his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in Jamaica, which he duplicated in NYC, and which became the largest mass movement of African people in the world.

Richmond traces Garvey's influence and visits in Canada.

Richmond describes Garvey's 22 lessons for new black leadership after his death, but claims that Garvey's most significant contribution was his oratory skills to deliver his message. Garvey founded Negro World, the most read newspaper around the world, and ran The Daily newspaper for three years.

Malcolm X's father distributed Garvey's newspapers, and Malcolm's mother educated her children with them -- planting the seed for the next greatest African American organizer.


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Ferguson: A Movement is Starting... ICC: Giving the West what it wants

Featured Guest(s):
Norman Otis Richmond, Tiphaine Dickson,

Guest Richard Williams was scheduled to appear on the program today, but he is doing his civic duty and attending the demonstrations in Ferguson, for which we are pleased.

We are joined by Norman Otis Richmond, veteran of the struggle against racism on this continent. From the vortex of activism over Ferguson he praises Richard Williams' new book 'Black and White, The Way I See It.' Otis Richmond reminds us that Missouri had a long history of legal segregation.

Richmond makes clear that Black leaders have to avoid the role of "buffer" for the White power structure of state and federal governments and that is time to resume the struggle for affirmative action to correct injustice that began with slavery.

Phil interviews Tiphaine Dickson, international lawyer, who wrote the introduction to the new book by Barry Collins, "Rwanda: 1994: The Myth of the Akazu Genocide Conspiracy and its Consequences."

Dickson states that it would be futile for the Palestinian Authority to try and make a case before the ICC. She claims the obvious - that no Israeli authority would be convicted at the ICC.

Dickson shows how and why ICC trials are one-sided anti-politics with no historical methodology. The ICC represents only one side of the equation, while falsely claiming to be representing the African People. Dickson notes the questionable claims of "crimes against humanity" unfairly leveled against murdered Libyan Moammar El-Gadhafi and also Laurent Gbagoom ex-president of Cote d'Ivoire.

Rwanda 1994: The Myth of the Akazu Genocide Conspiracy and its Consequences By Barrie Collins.

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Mulcair tries to change the channel on Gaza. Injustice in Africa: The ICC pursues only Africans.

Featured Guest(s):
Judy Haiven, David Hoile,

Judy Haiven challenges the NDP (New Democratic Party) and its leader, Thomas Mulcair's, support of Israel's brutal bombing of Gaza. Mulcair rationalizes the bombing and then calls for aiding the wounded. He joins with the Liberals to bring wounded children to Canadian hospitals: Humanitarian optics, no political progress.

Haiven supports the right of Palestinians to resist. She argues that the Israeli goal is to take over more Palestinian territory.

Obama hosts the first US Africa Leaders Summit. African leaders want out of the money-manipulated (two-thirds of money from EU), politically-controlled (vote trading/profit making) and mediocre ICC (many of the ‘judges’ have never been judges and some have never even been lawyers). The ICC is an "European legal adventurism" game that Africans want to stop playing.

Should the Palestinians go to the ICC? Dr. Hoile explains why this is not feasible, and examines other possibilities (though limited), such as the World Court.

Mulcair wants to change the channel on Gaza

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Elected representatives don't represent us on Palestine. Israel and Gaza: the law on occupation and self-defence.

Featured Guest(s):
David Heap, David Jacobs,

David Heap can't hear the incessant pleas for NDP fundraising over the screaming of Gaza's children.

A growing number of Canadians, who support international law, are without place to turn when it comes to federal politicians. "There's barely any daylight between Mulcair and Trudeau and Harper."

Dissent against Israel's attack on Gaza is leaking out in parliaments all over the world, even among the U.K. Conservative Party. But the NDP is becoming isolated among sister left parties, who are not so constrained in condemning the attacks. There seems to be a more restrictive climate within Canadian political parties.

David Heap from Gaza's Ark discusses the growing discontent over the NDP's inaction in calling out Israel's very visible and widely acknowledged war crimes.

David Jacobs, International Lawyer, discusses the writings of the late international law expert Professor Michael Mandel on the legal status of Gaza and Israeli claims to be acting in self-defence against Gaza.

David Jacobs refers to a number of scholarly publications written by Professor Mandel including his February 5, 2009 article, "Self-Defense Against Peace," and notes how the same article could be written today regarding Israel’s recurring attacks on Gaza and its claims to be acting lawfully.

Self-Defense Against Peace

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