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October 2014

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America's Taste in "Moderates".

Featured Guest(s):
Stephen Gowans,

Gowans clarifies that ISIS ideology is the same as the Saudi Wahhabi extremism, that these Arab terrorist groups are part of Al Qaeda and that the only thing that matters is meshing with the Western foreign policy objectives.

Based on a recent New York Times article by Eirc Lichtblau, Gowans reveals how the CIA and FBI payrolled at least a thousand "moderate" Nazis spies and informants during the Cold War the same way that the US now payrolls "murder for hire fanatical religious Saudi terrorists" and labels them as "moderates."

Washington's Moderates.

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Taylor Report Fundraiser

Featured Guest(s):
Phil Conlon,

Phil Taylor and Phil Conlon refer to an interesting collage of guests, issues and movements that highlight the focus of their progressive (going to the root) programs geared towards making the listeners think, analyze and connect to local, national and global events.

What is happening in the world IS happening on the Taylor Report.

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Using ISIL as a Cover to Attack Syrian State. Justice Belied: The Unbalanced Scales of International Criminal Justice

Featured Guest(s):
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, David Jacobs,

US/allies' terrorism represents a continuity of imperialist government's hypocritical policies and practices. Bombing infrastructure to economically impair a country, bombing civilian homes to destroy dissent and unity. All this, while claiming humanitarian intervention.

ISIL is the cover to attack Syria. Ultimate target is Iran.

Phil Taylor and David Jacobs, both contributors to the new book, "Justice Belied: The Unbalanced Scales of International Criminal Justice", discuss the late Professor Michael Mandel’s thesis that the peace-promoting international law regime under the United Nations Charter has been undermined by the international criminal law movement.

Michael Mandel, law professor and Renaissance man, wrote pioneering analyses concluding that the international criminal law movement did more to promote war than it did to promote peace and justice. The movement negated the UN Charter’s pledge to end the scourge of war.

The International Criminal Court and the ad hoc international criminal tribunals end up justifying war by criminalizing the losers or regimes out of favour with the West.

The March to War: Fighting ISIL is a Smokescreen for US Mobilization against Syria, Iran

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Ferguson flash mob at symphony. BBC Documentary: Selective impunity does NOT yield justice nor the grounds for reconciliation.

Featured Guest(s):
Tiphaine Dickson,

Phil Conlon discusses a very interesting and radical (going to the root) flash mob that interrupted St. Louis Symphony with Requiem for Michael Brown. The Symphony was to perform Johannes Brahms' requiem. There was no violence, as the protesters were allowed to finish the short demonstration which can be viewed on youtube.

The two Phils discuss Black sports figures, including Joe Lewis, and give an introduction to the BBC2 documentary, Rwanda's Untold Story--which reflects the massacre of Blacks on all sides whose lives should have mattered, but did not and never do to the imperialists.

Tiphaine Dickson discusses the recent BBC2 one-hour documentary, Rwanda's Untold Story, which, for the first time presents a host of credible witnesses and commentators challenging the narrative of Kagame the liberator. The interviewees who speak against Kagame have placed themselves in the dangerous "target range" of the US puppet Kagame regime.

Key question is cui bono, who benefited from the shoot down of the plane that killed Rwandan President Habyarimana, the spark which ignited the April 1994 war and massacres in Rwanda. The permanent removal of Habyarimana, the ending the Arusha Accords and the destruction of democracy were necessary for Kagame and the RPF to take power.

The tribunals are political organizations that administer "selective impunity," instead of the needed holistic approach that that evaluates and prosecutes all sides. Selective impunity does not yield justice, nor the grounds for reconciliation

Dickson also spoke about the importance of a new book by Barrie Collins, Rwanda 1994 (Palgrave Macmillan) for which she has written the forward.

Rwanda's Untold Story (YouTube)

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