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March 2015

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Key points of a Bashar Assad interview. The Saudi-US Connection Against Yemen.

Featured Guest(s):
Stephen Gowans, Zafar Bangash,

Stephen Gowans discusses the compelling points Assad makes regarding the US/Western governments' need for puppet/client states, which prohibits any partner relationship. Gowans and Phil Taylor also discuss the attacks against Yemen and why the attacks violate international law and the human rights of the Yemeni, especially the Houthi.

Zafar Bangash explains the history of Yemen's presidents, their connection to the US/Western power agenda, and the current crisis in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is in violation of the Security Council decision rejecting the Saudi resolution for military force against Yemen. This is a violation of international law, so why is the Saudi regime not being sanctioned?

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Rwandans must be secure in their right to oppose Kagame. When a Dream Becomes a Nightmare: The Story of Rwandan Canadian David Himbara. The Gaza Flotilla is a campaign for freedom.

Featured Guest(s):
David Himbara, John Honderich, David Heap,

Dr. David Himbara is the former principal secretary to Rwandan President Paul Kagame. He describes how as an economic advisor, Mr. Himbara found that he was expected to falsify the true state of Rwanda’s economy. In the political realm he witnessed the violent removal of leading government members who differed with President Kagame. He left Rwanda for his own security but found that Rwandans abroad are not safe from a pursuing and punishing regime.

John Honderich, Chairman Torstar Board / Toronto Star, traces the role Rwandan-Canadian Dr. David Himbara played in the Kagame Regime. Honderich met Himbara during his four trips to Rwanda under the Rwanda Initiative Program geared to improve the level of journalism in the country. Over the years, Mr. Honderich observed the problems experienced by those who differed with the leadership, and believes Himbara was fortunate to leave when he did. Honderich hopes that attention to the Himbara case will help bring security to the Rwandan diaspora, which has experienced intimidation from the regime.

David Heap recalls his father Dan Heap marched with M.L. King at Selma and Dan and his wife Alice Heap taught the need for persistent struggle to succeed. Gazaark.org will follow this practice in the forthcoming Freedom Flotilla which will challenge Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza.


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US Creates and Uses Terrorist Groups To Create Mayhem. Victoire Ingabiere Kept in the Dark for Lighting the Path to Democracy. Canadian Forces in Iraq: The Fog of War and the Fog of Journalism?

Featured Guest(s):
Zafar Bangash, Ann Garrison, Scott Taylor,

Zafar Bangash explains how the US created the Sunni militia, which became Al Qaeda and then ISIS in Iraq. Bangash points out that both the Shia and Sunni want to get rid of the barbaric ISIS, and they are moving forward in a careful and methodical manner (to avoid landmines and snipers). Once Tikrit is liberated then the destination is Mosul. There are no Europeans nor Americans telling them how to fight.

Ann Garrison gives the latest status of Rwandan five-year political prisoner Victoire Ingabiere, whose eyesight has been damaged due to being keep in dark, black cell.

Ingabiere's "crime" was attempting to run for president of Rwanda and establish a real democracy. She was arrested and falsely charged with crimes related to terrorism, speech crimes related to genocide, as are many of those who attempt to support her in Rwanda and/or who question the Kagame regime.

Garrison also comments on the lunacy of Canadian public safety minister for invoking the Holocaust in an attempt to defend Canadian "anti-terrorism" Bill C-51, which would give the government extraordinary powers to target and jail Canadian peaceful activists.

Our guest, Scott Taylor is an Iraq Veteran captured and threatened with beheading during one of his over 20 tours of Iraq, he is also editor of respected military journal, Esprit de Corps. Scott Taylor talks about the tragic death of a Canadian special forces soldier and the wounding of three more Canadians in Iraq, Northern Kurd area. Question is: Why were the Canadian Special Forces engaging in combat when their mandate was only to train Iraqi troops fighting ISIS.

Scott Taylor explains the complexities of the various tribes and religious groups in Iraq, especially in the Kurdistan northern area, and demands that the Canadian government establishes a clear objective before extending a mission that puts more Canadian soldiers in harm's way.


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The Great Thaw: Cuba-American Relations. Commentary on Venezuela, Zahaf-Bibeau video, Canada's special-ops in Iraq.

Featured Guest(s):
Keith Bolender,

Keith Bolender, author and journalist, recently returned from Cuba and says there are many hurdles yet before "normalization", and Cuba will likely develop a new socialism for the 21st Century.

Phil Taylor Commentary: South American countries oppose US attempts to undermine Venezuela; there should be a demand for the full video of Zahaf-Bibeau; what is the real mission of Canada’s special-ops team?

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What Canada knew about Libya. A Salute to the Equality of the Human Race. Ramsey Clark Reports on Recent Trip to Damascus and the US Directed Terrorism Across the Region.

Featured Guest(s):
Stephen Gowans, John Carlos, Ramsey Clark,

Gowans refers to an article by David Pugliese who obtained Canadian intelligence documents about Libya. In 2011, Canadian intelligence services understood that Libya's opposition was dominated by fundamentalists and extremists, and that intervention would likely create chaos. The Canadian government chose to create chaos.

Learn the story of how Canada became "Al Qaeda's air force," as Gowans traces Canada's contribution to Libya's destruction. NATO hopes that Libya will serve as a 'lesson' for Syria: do what we say, or we'll keep the Al-Qaeda spigot turned on.

At the 1968 Olympic award ceremony, John Carlos and Tommie Smith each held up a fist with a black glove to indicate America's epic struggle against racism. They were supported by Peter Norman, a white Australian advocate for global human rights who won the silver medal and who heroically wore the Olympic Project for Human Rights (OPHR) badge during the award ceremony.

Carlos said that they were ready to give society a shock treatment. It was not just the moment of the the time, but the MOVEMENT of the time. It was an Olympic Project for human rights. It was a step for freedom for the generations to come.

Ramsey Clark is the Founder of the International Action Center (IAC), former US Attorney General, political analyst and human rights advocate. In his most recent visit to Damascus, Ramsey Clark found conditions there almost normal, despite fighting in the countryside, and was impressed that Syria maintains a stable government.

The struggle against violent intrusion from outside the country has a long way to go. Clark explains that the US-dominated West’s goal in the region is to weaken countries to the degree they can no longer govern themselves, and the people are left with the primitive struggle for survival, as happened with Libya and Iraq.


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