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Mahdi Nazemroaya on Wikileaks Saudi cables.

Featured Guest(s):
Mahdi Nazemroaya,

Petro-dollar bribery, smear campaigns, purchasing journalists and media outlets - it's all part and parcel of daily Saudi "diplomacy."

Investigative journalist Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya trawls through the Wikileaks cables and the staggering (but entirely unsurprising) revelations within.

They confirm what we already know: Saudis are destabilizing Iraq, highly active in Syria, and bribing their way into legitimacy worldwide.

Saudi Arabia pours so much money into Western journalism that there must be a reluctance to disrupt this cash flow by printing stories critical of the Gulf monarchy.

Nazemroaya also discusses Saudi horse trading with countries such as Australia and Russia.

But who released the cables? Was the Yemen Cyber Army capable or interested in doing so? Why so few releases about Syria?

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A defiant and Besieged City.

Featured Guest(s):
Joshua Tartakovsky,

Phil speaks with Joshua Tartakovsky, an independent journalist and filmmaker, originally from Jerusalem, graduate of Brown University with a BA in International Relations and a MSc from the London School of Economics. Previously, Mr. Tartakovsky has worked or interned in Bosnia, UK, Brazil, Germany.

Joshua Tartakovsky discusses the reality of the Western siege against the people of Ukraine, especially in the independent Donetsk, which he visited via a trip organized by Europa Objektiv, a Russian-German NGO.

Tartakovsky's great grandparents died in the 1941 massacre at Babi Yar - largest single massacre during WWII, killing at least 30,000 Jews, who were accused of being Bolsheviks. Also murdered were Russians and Polish.

Tartakovsky points to double problem: (1) Mainstream media does not report the shelling that is happening in violations of the Minsk agreement and (2) EU and US are largely supporting a regime in Kiev that is killing its own citizens. It is a collective punishment that also cuts off medical services, pensions, and access to banks.

Tartakovsky lists the three major demands of the Donetsk People: (1) Justice for the People (2) Cultural rights, esp. allowing Russians to speak Russian (3) Removal of the current regime in Kiev

Tartakovsky fears that the escalating hatred resulting from atrocities and the difficult economic times will lead to war, extremism and incitement.

Washington has been using very irresponsible methods and supports the most extreme elements in Ukrainian politics, especially since February of 2014, the Maidan Massacre. DC has to stop supporting and inflaming situation by trying to sabotage Minsk 2. Washington is seeking to have a much wider conflict, probably because of financial, strategic and other interests.

Taylor Report "Bulletin Board":

1. Rwandan Spy chief Karenzi Karake was arrested in London on a warrant issued by Spain, who accuses Karake of war crimes. The two Phils discuss the many priests and nuns who were murdered since the invasion in the 1990, including a Canadian priest.

2. Intriguing historical truth: Connecting the history of slavery, the civil war and recent shooting at historical church in Charleston, South Carolina. Phil traces the White Supremacist ideology back to Thomas Jefferson, who was committed to slavery, and to Jefferson Davis, who waged a treacherous war against those who voted for a "Black President" (Abraham Lincoln). Then came Reconstruction to enforce the rights of ALL Americans, followed by the White supremacist, both South and North, deconstruction of Reconstruction. Some Canadians reflected the racism in the US and welcomed Jefferson Davis with cheers and singing Dixie. Phil praises the Russians for being the one true friend to the Americans back in 1863 when they put their ships in the NYC Harbor and San Francisco harbor to prevent the British and the French from closing those harbors. Phil gives a history lesson that explains the same thinking that incites the white supremacists today and is expressed in the South Carolina church shootings. We ALL need to hear Phil's connecting the historical dots, which cannot justifiably be limited to a summary. Statement (paraphrased) by Phil: You can't falsify history and then say we want reconciliation. You have to say those who control the past, control the future, and they have been controlling the past with a great myth that justifies White supremacist thinking.

3. Phil Conlon updates the Freedom Flotilla 3 humanitarian venture and talks about a Quebec retired postal worker, Christian Martel, joining the flotilla.

Canada Boat to Gaza
Gaza's Ark Building Hope

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Ted Schmidt and Claude Lacaille: Seeing Life from the Role of the Oppressed. Challenges to Rwandan Foreign Refugees' Integration in Zambia.

Featured Guest(s):
Ted Schmidt, Bishop John Osmers,

Ted Schmidt discusses Claude Lacaille's recently released book, Rebel Priest in the Time of Tyrants, Mission to Haiti, Ecuador and Chile and asserts that Lacaille brings back into focus the importance of seeing life from the role of the oppressed people and that deserting Vatican II was a betrayal of a moral mission to serve the masses, especially the oppressed.

Schmidt praises Pope Francis, who declared El Salvadoran Archbishop Romero a martyr and who is turning back to the Vactican II mandates based on discussion, inclusion, justice for humanity.

What were the major flaws of Pope John Paul II and Pope Ratzinger? Listen to the show for Schmidt's lucid analysis.

Phil Taylor and Phil Conlon track the third flotilla to Gaza mission in progress.

Phil Taylor comments on the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta (June 15, 1215), in which the barons demanded certain rights (legal, political, financial, religious) and which inspired the masses to fight a long unending struggle for the same rights.

Taylor decries how we have lost respect for Habeas Corpus (bringing the body to court to hear charges and to be heard) and emphasizes that the fight for human rights is not a linear process (chapter by chapter) but that we have to continually fight to renew lost rights.

Bishop John Osmers testifies to the plight of the Rwandans who have lost their refugee status in Zambia and on whom Rwandan President Kagame is trying to force repatriation.

Osmers and Phil Taylor discuss why the Rwandan refugees in Zambia lost their refugee status in Zambia June of 2013, Rwanda's offer for repatriation of these ex-refugees, why the Rwandans in Zambia are afriad to repatriate (obvious fear of Kagame's retaliatory brutal regime), the recent meetings between the Rwanda government, the Zambian government and the UN High Commission on Refugees.

The clincher is: Removal of the former refugee status not only creates stiff limitations on freedom of movement in Zambia but it also disqualifies the Rwandans for UNHCR support for services such as health and education needs and consideration for resettlement programs.


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Burundi's Current Turmoil: A Constitutional Crisis, or Complex Political and Economic Issues? Jacques Parizeau: Brilliant Economist Who Left His Economic Mark on the Whole Quiet Revolution in the 1960s.

Featured Guest(s):
Charles KM Kambanda, Robin Philpot,

Our featured guest is Charles KM Kambanda, Rwandan researcher, human rights defender and attorney and counsel at law in New York. Mr. Kambanda, who was born to a Rwandan refugee family in Uganda and now writes about international law talks to Phil Taylor about the hidden political agenda against Burundi's popular President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Issues discussed are:
(1) The Burundi Constitution trumping the defacto Arusha Agreement re electoral politics

(2) The Western powers, including the ICC, double standard in condemning popular Burundi President Nkurmziza while supporting regional puppet despots such as Rwandan President Kagame and Ugandan President Museveni

(3) The opposition "demonstrators" in Burundi that are in reality rioters, many being children --who burn humans to death, burn public and private property and are armed -- and the Burundi government's legal and moral responsibility to stop these riots

(4) The fake and western supported private radio stations in Burundi who run false and warmongering propaganda against the popular government. These lies are broadcasted in Rwanda.

(5) The ICC threatening intervention in Burundi which is a crime of inciting riots

(6) Kagame wanting to dominate Burundi and use it as an entrance and exit point for the Congo (DRC) natural resources.

Robin Philpot discusses the recently released English translation of Jacques Parizeau's last book, which Philpot defines as a political testimony. Philpot emphasizes that Parizeau never wavered: He was a militant person who refused his bourgeois background and advantages in order to be a professor and in politics, because he knew that was the only way to really accomplish things in the long run.

Philpot explains how an why Parizeau became a sovereignist in 1969 (age 39). Parizeau was putting together his papers and came to realize that the only way Quebec can insure its economic development and proper distribution of wealth was to become independent.

Parizeau was dragged over the coals for stating that the anti-referendum victory was a slim victory with a lot of dirty tricks. He felt Canada had a colonial attitude toward Quebec's electoral laws.

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