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The Taylor Report has lost a dear friend.

Charles was a fearless advocate for the oppressed.

Quebec Lawyers Oppose Law 78.

Members of the Quebec bar association demonstrate opposition to Law 78 which limits freedom of speech and right to protest.

The Question of Separatism by Jane Jacobs

Five years after her death, a new enriched edition of Jane Jacobs' third book with an exclusive 2005 interview; available April 1, 2011

The incomparable Jane Jacobs passed away five years ago on April 25, 2006. Baraka Books proudly offers readers a new edition of her third, least-known book to mark that anniversary. Undeniably a genius on urban issues, Jane Jacobs also grappled with the question of nations and political sovereignty but nobody wanted to hear what she had to say. Out of print since the mid 80s, The Question of Separatism, Quebec and the struggle over sovereignty now includes a new preface and an exclusive and previously unpublished 2005 interview conducted in Jane Jacobs' Toronto home just a year before she died. Random House first published the book in 1980.

Nagging questions remain five years after her death? Why has the work of a leading thinker on the unfolding story of nations received so little attention? Why is the only book she wrote about her adopted country, The Question of Separatism, never discussed? Why, unlike her other six books, was it out of print for 25 years? How can 35 experts put together a 400-page anthology, What we see, Advancing the observations of Jane Jacobs (2010), without mentioning the book?

Jacobs answered these questions in part in an interview she granted me in 2005. She pointedly broke with her no-interview policy because this interview was to focus on her book The Question of Separatism, 25 years after it appeared and ten years after the 1995 Quebec referendum on sovereignty.

Asked if the media ever talked to her about her book on separatism, Jacobs replied, "No. Practically never! You’re the first." Explaining the silence she added: "Don't want to think about it… or engage in talking pros and cons and why people feel this way. It’s an unwelcome subject (...) It was fear that there would be no more identity for Canada, that it would disintegrate if Quebec were to separate. It was foolish because there are so many examples of separatism, and nothing has disintegrated, unless they went to war. There were over thirty of these cases in very recent times since the issue of Quebec was raised in 1980."...

The Question of Separatism by Jane Jacobs is available at Baraka Books

Photograph of Jessie Helms and Dalai Lama, September 1995

"Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are."
- Proverb

Dalai Lama with his long-time militant supporter Jesse Helms, the champion of apartheid in South Africa and enemy of racial equality in America.

Paul Kagame visits Bejamin Netanyahou in Israel, October 1996.

Paul Kagame visits Bejamin Netanyahou in Israel, October 1996.

Credit: courtesy of Marie-Roger Biloa, publisher, Africa International