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Letter: Killing Ghaddafi - Injustice must be seen to be done. (imperial proverb)

October 24th, 2011

"I tremble for the fate of my country when I consider that God is just." Thomas Jefferson

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary C. was in Tripoli and asked for the head of Ghadaffi. Two days later his captors shot dead the wounded man. It was a moment of grisly unity as the Born Again West used "predator drones" to enable Islamic mad-hats to pounce on Ghadaffi. At last he was punished for making Libya a prosperous country with education and medical care for all. From here on Libya is to be a managed free-enterprise "democracy."

For Lady Clinton, Ghaddafi's macabre death was an important opportunity for image management. It was no accident that we were provided with her "reaction" shot. Hillary's image had been earlier tarnished when the White House released the on ...

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Letter: Keep NATO out of Libya

March 10th, 2011

Keep NATO out of Libya

A "No-fly zone" over Libya would be a NATO FLY ZONE.

And a NATO fly zone would be a land grab! Because whoever controls the skies of that country, controls the country. Once the air cover operation is in place and the necessary attack missions and mayhem have been carried out, the entire political-economic future of Libya will be in the hands of Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron(whose best known quote is "multiculturalism is a failure"; he and his pals will not practice multiculturalism in Libya, it will be a European show).

There are Benghazi pro-NATO rebels who ask for air cover, saying they want a level playing field, a fair fight. What they really want is the promised advantage of super air power which someon ...

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Letter: Wikitweaks / War-mongers try the occult

November 30th, 2010

Do the Arab states want U.S.-Israeli war on Iran? Their governments answer No!

But through the occult system of Wikileaks gossip dumping, Western editorialists are able to channel the "secret" voices of mid-east Kings and Presidents...and headlines appear "they want us to do it, they want us to do it." For years this claim has been an Israeli mantra on Iran, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria. The "Arabs" want the US/Israel to get rid of somebody but they can't say so openly.

In reality the rise of the Islamic Republic and the growing independence of Turkey has been rather cordially received on the Arab "street", as might be expected by any rational observer of Israel's violent hegemony and nuclearization.

Mighty suspicious actually. Leaks that bolster the ...

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Open Letter to General Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

Francis Muhoozi
August 24th, 2010

General Paul Kagame,
President of the Republic of Rwanda
B.P.15 Kigali - RWANDA.
22nd August 2010

Dear Sir,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In direct reference to your published article "Rwanda's democracy is still the model for Africa" of 19th August 2010, I beg to disagree with you as  your close friends the Americans also reminded you through their White House statement of Friday 13th August 2010 Mr. President that, "Democracy is about more than holding elections."

Unfortunately, August 09th 2010 was yet another missed chance for the people of Rwanda to take a step forward towards peace and reconciliation. It was a missed opportunity for all ...

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Letter: Re-name Fort Hood

Gil Johnson
November 11th, 2009

With the tragedy that has struck Fort Hood, with the swirling talk of ethnicity, religion, and the mission of defending democracy and freedom it might be an opportune time to consider a new more appropriate name for the fort.

In 1942, in the midst of a war with the avowedly racist Hitler regime, the American government set up a new military base in Texas and named it Fort Hood after an avowed racist and a military failure. His ideology was reactionary and he was no strategic thinker, so you have to believe some pretty dull bulbs made the decision. General John Bell Hood of the Confederate Army lost an arm (Gettysburgh) and a leg (Chickamauga) fighting against the American government of Abraham Lincoln. Gen. Hood wrote a letter to U.S. General Sherman that ended: "...you mak ...

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