Taylor-Report.com - Letter: Wikitweaks / War-mongers try the occultLetter: Wikitweaks / War-mongers try the occult
November 30, 2010

Do the Arab states want U.S.-Israeli war on Iran? Their governments answer No!

But through the occult system of Wikileaks gossip dumping, Western editorialists are able to channel the "secret" voices of mid-east Kings and Presidents...and headlines appear "they want us to do it, they want us to do it." For years this claim has been an Israeli mantra on Iran, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria. The "Arabs" want the US/Israel to get rid of somebody but they can't say so openly.

In reality the rise of the Islamic Republic and the growing independence of Turkey has been rather cordially received on the Arab "street", as might be expected by any rational observer of Israel's violent hegemony and nuclearization.

Mighty suspicious actually. Leaks that bolster the bombers. But still there is the problem for the warhawks: after all the whispered conspiracizing against Iran, when asked if they want to see an attack on Iran the Arab leaders firmly say No!

With the Wikileaks con the war makers think they have found a sucker in a US public that now only believes gossip/secrets on any subject. "Pst...hey, kid, want to know what world leaders think? Come here, I got some letters."