Taylor-Report.com - Letter: Keep NATO out of LibyaLetter: Keep NATO out of Libya
March 10, 2011

Keep NATO out of Libya

A "No-fly zone" over Libya would be a NATO FLY ZONE.

And a NATO fly zone would be a land grab! Because whoever controls the skies of that country, controls the country. Once the air cover operation is in place and the necessary attack missions and mayhem have been carried out, the entire political-economic future of Libya will be in the hands of Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron(whose best known quote is "multiculturalism is a failure"; he and his pals will not practice multiculturalism in Libya, it will be a European show).

There are Benghazi pro-NATO rebels who ask for air cover, saying they want a level playing field, a fair fight. What they really want is the promised advantage of super air power which someone has told them is coming. They obviously know Western powers will be able to spare attack planes from their present humanitarian bombings in Afghanistan, maybe even a few drones.

The use of NATO airpower will open the way for the NATO loyal "rebels", who will everafter provide obedient service as did the old King Isdris, whose flag they follow. The Benghazi group do not want to talk to an independent national leader such as President Chavez and they do not show any interest in Arab or Muslim leaders, they only have eyes for Paris, London, Washington.

When British "crack" commandos of the SAS in East Libya on a rebel-friendly mission were briefly held by the Benghazi group much was made of the notion this was a sign of rebel independence, except they quickly released their SAS captives and put them aboard the British warship HMS Cumberland which docked at the port of Benghazi! A British warship comes and goes from "rebel" territory like a water taxi.

There have been peace flotillas trying to bring aid to the bombed communities of Gaza, with no help from Western capitols.

But now there is a war flotilla off Libya, preparing to kill Arabs.

This crisis can only have a peaceful resolution through mediated negotiation when NATO has been made to back off.