Taylor-Report.com - Letter: Killing Ghaddafi - Injustice must be seen to be done. (imperial proverb)Letter: Killing Ghaddafi - Injustice must be seen to be done. (imperial proverb)
October 24, 2011

"I tremble for the fate of my country when I consider that God is just." Thomas Jefferson

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary C. was in Tripoli and asked for the head of Ghadaffi. Two days later his captors shot dead the wounded man. It was a moment of grisly unity as the Born Again West used "predator drones" to enable Islamic mad-hats to pounce on Ghadaffi. At last he was punished for making Libya a prosperous country with education and medical care for all. From here on Libya is to be a managed free-enterprise "democracy."

For Lady Clinton, Ghaddafi's macabre death was an important opportunity for image management. It was no accident that we were provided with her "reaction" shot. Hillary's image had been earlier tarnished when the White House released the one photo of U.S. leaders watching the Bin Laden death scene and Hillary (of Billary) had put her hand to her mouth, thus raising doubts among the vandals of her killer instinct. This time her team was ready. When the breathless time arrived they put her in a chair and the servants scurried and giggled waiting for the sound bites to drop. One was: "We came, we saw, he's dead!" A knee-slapper for her sickophants. You can tell she went to law school.

Also, on the day Hillary cuddled with the Benghazi gang their leader, Jalil, speculated that Ghaddafi was in the South of Libya trying to hire "Africans". It was as though to emphasize the orignal lie that Ghaddafi was reliant on "African mercenaries". The Sarkozy/Obama/Clinton group never objected to this racist clap-trap of their Benghazi bullies.

And when Ghaddafi was bombarded by the Nato predators, then drug out and shot... his bodyguards were also murdered. The news reports mentioned the bodyguards were "black" and one of them had been beheaded. The reporter noted the severed head had "dreadlocked hair". A beheaded African next to the body of a leader who resisted Europe... the 19th century has returned like a plague.