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Letter: When it comes to Gaza the Western Media doesn't give a tweet.

June 25th, 2009

In Gaza the people voted in a free and fair election for Hamas. And how did the American heartland of freedom and democracy react? It snorted contempt and refused both the electoral outcome and recognition of the Hamas organization.

Of course there was also an election in the backyard, that is to say Haiti. Aristide was an overwhelming winner. The U.S. administration glared and complained and then with able assistance of Canada removed Aristide from power and from his country...after offering him the option of being executed.

And yet the media, the sound system of a deeply paranoid and violent U.S. state, is all atwitter that the people of Iran have been robbed in an election. Evidence. "We don't need no stinking evidence", we (big NATO brother and us) know, ...

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Letter: Bleep Prosecutor Fitzgerald for reference to Lincoln

Harry Pendergast
December 14th, 2008

If Lincoln heard of the corruption and naughty words of Blagojevich he would "turn over in his grave" said federal prosecutor Fitzgerald, and the kept press all nodded sagely. Baloney!

Mary Todd Lincoln accepted money in the White House from people seeking favors and Abe Lincoln specialized in off-color jokes. Had Fitzgerald been around at the time he would have busted the President's wife (who also consorted with Confederate sympathizers) and Honest Abe would have been forced to resign, no doubt to be replaced by a Copperhead who would have ended the war and the South would have kept their slaves!

As for Fitzgerald's pose as the angel of righteousness, Lincoln would have seen through him. Abe was once offered a good amount of money to assist in the prosecut ...

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Letter: Betcha -- The real story in Illinois is keeping the Senate seat from Jesse Jr.

Roger, from Tammany
December 11th, 2008

The move against governor Blagojevich of Illinois had more to do with blocking Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jr. than with corruption. After years and years of sniffing around the governor the prosecutor struck now because the gov was going to appoint someone to the vacated seat of Obama and that someone was candidate #5, that is Jesse, Jr. With the move against Blagojevich Jesse, Jr. is taken down as well and with corruption as the campaign issue there's a chance the Republicans will get elected.

And what's all this virginal noise (Gergan on CNN) about shock at bargaining with appointments and favors? If all the ambassadors, congressmen and senators who got there positions through pay-offs and trade-offs were to drop dead Washington would look like Jonestown. As Hank Jr. sang: I ...

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Letter: Barack or no, the empire will roll on as before

M. Hazlitt
October 27th, 2008

Obama's like Kennedy and that's the problem.

Campaigning for President Kennedy said he'd be a tougher cold warrior than Nixon. Jack said Ike Eisenhower/Nixon had been unwilling to confront Communist "Chiner" and America was lagging in the arms race, he'd fix that and he'd take care of Castro.

Liberal democrats would mutter, he's just saying that. Turns out - Bay of Pigs/Vietnam/ Cuba missile crisis - he wasn't just saying that.

With Obama we hear he has to say those things, but soon the phrase will be, he has to do those things. He will go right into the bomb and embargo business same as his Republican/Democrat predecessors. He'll go from just saying that, to just doing that.

Let's take him at his word: More troops in Afghani ...

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Letter: Support the troops, remove Harper-Bush.

August 27th, 2007

Toronto Tory troop rally.

Only war enthusiasts need apply. Speakers at the CNE rally for the Afghan mission (Aug 24) were headed by General Hillier (the scum killer); Defence minister McKay; Don Cherry (who loves hockey collisions, baiting French Canadians, and all things Bush) and Mel Lastman. Now there's a broad spectrum. It was a typical "our cops are tops" rally from the old days, showing Tories rarely have a new idea.

Apparently, with the reports of new deaths from the occupation front, the romantic right felt there was going to be a surge of blind patriotism and therefore staged a little in-house rally to capture all the positive political fall-out. The Star gave it a grumpy one-and-a-half cheer and mentioned the presence of Lastman. The Globe left La ...

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