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January 30th, 2006: - Listen | Download

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Aaron Lakoff, Robin Philpot

Aaron Lakoff speaks to Phil from Haiti, where he has been reporting on the situation along with Leslie Bagg. Lakoff describes the recent killing of unarmed people by UN personnel. The UN forces "have committed numerous murders since entering Haiti in April 2004", says Lakoff, and the Canadian government is complicit in "supporting a coup d'etat against a democratically-elected leader, and not calling for the release of political prisoners". "This is a case of Canadian imperialism here."

Quebec author Robin Philpot talks to Phil about some significant aspects of the recent Federal election, particularly the election of two black MP's by the Bloc Quebecois. Haitian-born Vivian Barbeau, a former teacher and past president of the Quebec Women's Federation defeated cabinet minister Pierre Pettigrew, and Camerounian-born Maka Kotto was re-elected in Saint-Lambert. Philpot, whose recent book 'The Secrets of Options Canada' is number one on the Quebec best-sellers list, emphasizes how the BQ, a social-democratic party that is supported by the union movement, has dominated every federal election in Quebec since 1993.


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