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February 22nd, 2010: - Listen | Download

Colonel Luc Marchal seeking the truth behind the 1994 assassination of President Habyarimana.

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Colonel Luc Marchal

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New Dallaire film on Rwanda fails reality check
Robin Philpot

During elections, the media like to do "fact checks" or "reality checks". The exercise should be applied to all historical films. Especially when the people concerned proclaim it "the film of record".

That is how Canadian Liberal Party Senator Romeo Dallaire appointed for life described his recent film Shake Hands with the Devil based on his book with the same title. His film sorely fails any serious fact check.

Let's begin with the end. If you waited until all the credits scroll by, you will see it is copyrighted © Dallaireproductions. It means two things: 1) Senator Dallaire incorporated a film company so as to get a cut of the profits; 2) he approved every single comma in the script.

That means that he also approved another line in cred...
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