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UN/France in Ivory Coast, NATO Over Libya: a Neo-Colonial Crime Spree

"Stop children, What's that sound? Everybody look what's goin down." Buffalo Springfield

Washington, Paris, London, the "West" is the heart of darkness. Drooling for royals, silent over our deadly drones. Firepower and hauteur are the order of the day.

The UN, NATO and U.S. have a robust policy of "humanitarian intervention". It involves killing wherever they please. R2P on you.

Bums in the leadership, bombs on the ground. Saturday April 29, 2011:NATO attackers have just killed a father and three of his children in Tripoli. The demented demonizers among us, sometimes known as human rights "activists", will say those civilians were related to Gaddafi. Ethical scorpions like Juan Cole and G. Ashcar make those sorts of distinctions. NATO does the ...
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How Gaddafi Went to Bed a Libyan and Woke Up an Arab

Libya's leader, Moamar Gaddafi, forgot the old proverb advising that when you sup with the devil, use a long spoon.

For reasons known to him Libya's leader made a number of living arrangements with the European and American leaders. He would give up certain types of weapons, he would play ball with the IMF/World Bank and suffer the condescending visits of Senator McCain and such. And he would join the war on terror.

For these many concessions he thought he would be allowed to run an oil concession and lead an independent country. Wrong. He forgot himself. And forgot who he was dealing with.

Sarkozy/Burlesconi have an Arab policy. In France and Italy it is all intimidation and oppression for Arabs. Sarkozy has also expelled the Roma people, pe...
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France and UN Lead Assault on Ivory Coast

International law, sovereignty...be damned; Sarkozy and Ban Ki-Moon form a bombing party

It is the return of the great law stomping imperialist road-show: France, with the help of its dorky friend the UN, is bombing in Libya and Ivory Coast.

Liberal war apologists have found a formula in the new aggressor's doctrine of humanitarian intervention, which goes by the moniker R2P on you.

Ivory Coast had a problem, forces from the northern half had lost an election years ago and decided to wage a war to conquer the country. Their leader Outarra is a World Bank functionary and linked to the neo-liberals of Europe. Their target is a Second International social democrat, Mr. Gbagbo, who does not fall all over himself to please Western bankers.
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Human Rights Watch Stabs Another Country in the Back

Well, here's not a surprise. Human Rights Witch/Watch has endorsed the NATO bombing, strafing, Tomahawking and other assistance to a rebel army in Libya. "The Security Council Has At Last Lived Up To Its Duty", Kenneth Roth, Foreign Policy, March 18, 2011.

After all, the new pirate flag of intervention convenience is "human rights", rescuing widows and orphans from tyrants who are incidentally out of favor with Washington. And the U.S. leadership never forgets its little enabling friend. HRW always gets plum NGO status wherever the American warmachine beds down.

We reminded everyone days ago that the leadership of HRW has been ATTENDING MEETINGS AT THE WHITE HOUSE. When the President said he was going to protect Libya's civilians the HRW attendees did not blu...
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Bombing Libya: Incurable Colonialism

Domestic policy is foreign policy. First Sarkozy beats up Arabs in Paris and now he intends to beat up Arabs in Libya.

And the Obama blather: Gaddafi is killing his own people, with the implied morbid joke: He can't do that, that's our job.

The gunmen of Benghazi are called "freedom fighters" and patriots, though they wave the flags of France and of the former monarch of Libya. The silly lie is told that the Benghazi gang are a "rag-tag" force, except they have begged for and received the air force and navy of NATO. They are NOT a rag-tag army, they are the pawn of the superpowers.

Who remembers that the U.S. representative, Susan Rice, sat proudly with her hand in the air providing the VETO that killed the UN Security Council resolution cond...
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Letter: Keep NATO out of Libya

Keep NATO out of Libya

A "No-fly zone" over Libya would be a NATO FLY ZONE.

And a NATO fly zone would be a land grab! Because whoever controls the skies of that country, controls the country. Once the air cover operation is in place and the necessary attack missions and mayhem have been carried out, the entire political-economic future of Libya will be in the hands of Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron(whose best known quote is "multiculturalism is a failure"; he and his pals will not practice multiculturalism in Libya, it will be a European show).

There are Benghazi pro-NATO rebels who ask for air cover, saying they want a level playing field, a fair fight. What they really want is the promised advantage of super air power which someon...
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Buzz Through the Looking Glass - Random Observations from the CAW Convention
Elaine O.

When I heard that the Canadian Auto Workers were holding their convention in my home town, I decided to attend. It was as interesting as I expected, but maybe not in the way I hoped. Here are some of the moments I observed.

It was hard to tell if this was a union convention or some weird kind of performance theatre. Buzz Hargrove was winding up his acceptance speech after another coronation ... I mean election, as President of his union when it felt like we had slipped through the mirror into Alice's topsy-turvy world. All of a sudden these words appeared on the big screens at the front of the Vancouver Convention Centre hall:

"I love you, will you marry me?"

Was Buzz proposing to all the 1000 delegates, staff and observers to engage i...
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