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October 13th, 2014: - Listen | Download

Using ISIL as a Cover to Attack Syrian State. Justice Belied: The Unbalanced Scales of International Criminal Justice

Featured Guest(s):
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, David Jacobs

US/allies' terrorism represents a continuity of imperialist government's hypocritical policies and practices. Bombing infrastructure to economically impair a country, bombing civilian homes to destroy dissent and unity. All this, while claiming humanitarian intervention.

ISIL is the cover to attack Syria. Ultimate target is Iran.

Phil Taylor and David Jacobs, both contributors to the new book, "Justice Belied: The Unbalanced Scales of International Criminal Justice", discuss the late Professor Michael Mandel’s thesis that the peace-promoting international law regime under the United Nations Charter has been undermined by the international criminal law movement.

Michael Mandel, law professor and Renaissance man, wrote pioneering analyses concluding that the international criminal law movement did more to promote war than it did to promote peace and justice. The movement negated the UN Charter’s pledge to end the scourge of war.

The International Criminal Court and the ad hoc international criminal tribunals end up justifying war by criminalizing the losers or regimes out of favour with the West.

The March to War: Fighting ISIL is a Smokescreen for US Mobilization against Syria, Iran

August 4th, 2014: - Listen | Download

Elected representatives don't represent us on Palestine. Israel and Gaza: the law on occupation and self-defence.

Featured Guest(s):
David Heap, David Jacobs

David Heap can't hear the incessant pleas for NDP fundraising over the screaming of Gaza's children.

A growing number of Canadians, who support international law, are without place to turn when it comes to federal politicians. "There's barely any daylight between Mulcair and Trudeau and Harper."

Dissent against Israel's attack on Gaza is leaking out in parliaments all over the world, even among the U.K. Conservative Party. But the NDP is becoming isolated among sister left parties, who are not so constrained in condemning the attacks. There seems to be a more restrictive climate within Canadian political parties.

David Heap from Gaza's Ark discusses the growing discontent over the NDP's inaction in calling out Israel's very visible and widely acknowledged war crimes.

David Jacobs, International Lawyer, discusses the writings of the late international law expert Professor Michael Mandel on the legal status of Gaza and Israeli claims to be acting in self-defence against Gaza.

David Jacobs refers to a number of scholarly publications written by Professor Mandel including his February 5, 2009 article, "Self-Defense Against Peace," and notes how the same article could be written today regarding Israel’s recurring attacks on Gaza and its claims to be acting lawfully.

Self-Defense Against Peace

November 4th, 2013 : mp3 file not currently online

The modern persecution of the Roma people. Celebrating Michael Mandel.

Featured Guest(s):
Gina Csanyi-Robah, Harry Glasbeek, David Jacobs

The recent case of the Roma family accused of kidnapping a blond child has drawn attention to the ongoing persecution of the Roma people in Europe, and discrimination in Canada.

Phil interviews Gina Csanyi-Robah, Executive Director of the Roma Community Centre. Although strides have been made in combating racism, there is still a long way to go.

Phil Taylor celebrates the life of York University Professor Michael Mandel, law professor extraordinaire, anti-war activist, promoter of Yiddish culture, and lover of classical music. Phil discusses Mandel's life, tragically cut short by a rare heart disease at age 65, with international human rights lawyer, David Jacobs, and Osgoode Hall law professor Harry Glasbeek. Particular focus was paid to Mandel's book, "How America Gets Away With Murder", and Mandel's attempt to lay charges before Carla Del Ponte at the International Criminal Court against Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Jean Chrétien, and leaders of other NATO countries for their illegal attack on the former Yugoslavia.

Roma Community Centre

September 2nd, 2013: - Listen | Download

The "Kosovo Model" in Syria. Congressional Approval Does not Absolve Illegal War.

Featured Guest(s):
Michael Mandel, Rick Rozoff

There are a lot of liberal partisans who want Obama to fire his Tomahawk missiles into Syria. Many call for "humanitarian intervention," citing the "Kosovo Model." Mandel explains what this "Model" is, and critiques its unilateral, non-humanitarian nature.

Despite its illegitimacy in the United Nations Security Council, and it's contravention of the Nuremberg trials, the United States and vassals have pushed to establish the "Kosovo model" as a precedent for more interventions.

The U.S. is acting as if a Congressional vote will legalize a war of aggression. It won't, and world parliaments are struggling to represent their anti-war populaces. The problem is that NATO views itself as an entity replacing political nation-state distinctions. Apparently, Turkey is "NATO's South-Eastern Border." We heard this when Fogh claimed Syria is a threat to Turkey.

Syria is not a threat to Turkey, but Turkey has already probed Syrian airspace, and mobilized troops along its border. Meanwhile, people are getting tired of NATO's support for jihadists, and it is endangering relations within NATO. There won't be any slowdown in the endless series of wars: the U.S. has a 'deep state' and it's committed to global hegemony.


November 1st, 2004: - Listen | Download

Featured Guest(s):
Alexander Cockburn, David Jacobs

Phil interviews Alexander Cockburn, editor of Counterpunch, about the current US election campaign. Cockburn argues against the view that opponents of Bush have to support Kerry. Kerry's position on foreign policy is pretty much the same as Bush's or worse (on Israel for example), and his domestic policies favour the wealthy as much as Bush's do. Cockburn's recent book "Dime's Worth of Difference" about the Democrats and Republicans takes it's title from Waylon Jennings who said, "there ain't a dime's worth of difference between them". Cockburn says labour in the US is in a desperate situation, yet the SEIU spent $70 million on the election - much of it to knock Ralph Nader off the ballot. Meanwhile Kerry has supported every trade bill going.

Phil also talks to lawyer David Jacobs about dramatic news from the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. The Tribunal had ruled that Milosevic was not permitted to present his own defence and had tried to impose court-appointed counsel. However, faced with protests from around the world and a boycott that saw almost all of 100 or more witnesses refuse to appear, the Appeal Chamber backed down and is allowing Milosevich to continue to represent himself. Jacobs points out that the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia is just as illegal as the US invasion of Iraq. Jacobs and Michael Mandel, author of "How America Gets Away With Murder: Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage and Crimes Against Humanity" presented a brief to the Tribunal prosecutors demanding that NATO be charged with atrocities such as bombing of civilian targets and the supreme war crime - war of aggression. They were told that the Tribunal has no authority over crimes against the peace.

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

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Adam Jones on Rwanda and Genocide: A Reply
Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

Like Gerald Caplan's hostile "review" of our book, The Politics of Genocide, Adam Jones's aggressive attack on our response to Caplan can be explained in significant part by Jones's deep commitment to an establishment narrative on the Rwandan genocide that we believe to be false -- one that misallocates the main responsibility for that still ongoing disaster, but dominates by virtue of political interests and intellectual conformity.1  Caplan devoted perhaps 5 percent of his "review" to our book, and the remaining 95 percent to an attack on us for our treatment of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  But Jones went Caplan one better, ignoring our book altogether (which at the time of his writing Jones did not appear to ha...
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Genocide Denial and Genocide Facilitation: Gerald Caplan and The Politics of Genocide
Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

In his June 17 "review" of our book The Politics of Genocide, for Pambazuka News,1 Gerald Caplan, a Canadian writer who Kigali's New Times described as a "leading authority on Genocide and its prevention,"2 focuses almost exclusively on the section we devote to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.3  Caplan s

Like Gerald Caplan's hostile "review" of our book, The Politics of Genocide, Adam Jones's aggressive attack on our response to Caplan can be explained in significant part by Jones's deep commitment to an establishment narrative on the Rwandan genocide that we believe to be false -- one that misal...
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