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July 7th, 2014: - Listen | Download

Lac-Mégantic Rail Tragedy One Year Anniversary. How Quebec bookstores survived. Workers rights, human rights and the responsibility to stop wars

Featured Guest(s):
Robin Philpot

The Taylor Report remembers a wonderful figure from the international labour movement, Dave Feikert. Feikert was a mine worker official and labour safety expert, and friend of China.

Phil Taylor, Phil Conlon and Robin Philpot discuss the Lac-Mégantic railway tragedy, the increase in carloads of crude oil from 144 carloads in 2007 to 127,924 carloads in 2013, the new Liberal leadership that is considering reversing the current Québec ban against fracking, the export of oil from the tar-sands in Alberta, and privatization/profits trumping people's rights and environmental integrity.

Montreal-based publisher Robin Philpot (Baraka Books) explains that Quebec has survived the bookstore demise due to its regulation (certified publishers, bookstores, distributors) and 100 percent Quebec ownership. Half of Canadian books are sold in Quebec which has only 23 percent of the Canadian population. Regulating the market, which guarantees sales to institutions, and legislating fixed prices are necessary for the survival of bookstores. They also discuss the cultural value of books, as in the example of Mick Lowe's "The Raids."

The two Phils discuss cultural wars, including the censoring of the 1954 film "Salt of the Earth," concerning the struggle of New Mexico miners. Women and children picketed after male miners were banned from picketing.

Conlon and Taylor also discuss Wal-Mart's battle with Quebec's workers, and the disgusting spectacle of Human Rights Watch (HRW) promoting sectarian conflict in the Middle East.

Is Human Rights Watch now joining the Saudi sectarian war in the Middle East?

May 19th, 2014: - Listen | Download

Workers take the fall for Lac-Mégantic. Mick Lowe - The Raids.

Featured Guest(s):
Mick Lowe

Phil Taylor's co-host and former rail worker Phil Conlon explains the latest in the Lac-Mégantic disaster investigation. [10:20] It turns out that ordinary rail workers are doing the perp walk. The oligarch who runs the broken system? Still collecting profit.

Phil interviews Mick Lowe, author of "The Raids," a novel which takes place in Sudbury, Ontario, during the Red Scare of the 1950s. It details union raiding at a bitter and violent period of time in which workers fought each other instead of the boss. Moreover, the CIA may have been involved in the labour conflict because of the strategic importance of Canadian nickel to the United States.

Wrong parties charged in Lac-Mégantic disaster

www.barakabooks.com/news/coming-soon-the-raids-the-nickel-range-trilogy-vol-1-by-mick-lowe/ - The Raids

February 9th, 2004 : mp3 file not currently online

Featured Guest(s):
Mick Lowe, David jacobs

June 30th, 2003 : mp3 file not currently online

Featured Guest(s):
Zafar Bangash, Sharon Taylor, Mick Lowe

Phil speaks with Zafar Bangash about the current situation in the Middle East, their discussion mainly focusses on Iran.

Phil conducts a telephone interview with Sharon Taylor, daughter of the President of Liberia Charles Taylor, about the current situation in her country, and about her father. (audio quality is poor, lots of feedback)

In the last part of the program, Phil and Mick Lowe remember Sam Andrew, a labour activist from Sudbury.

Muslimedia International

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