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April 28th, 2014: - Listen | Download

Harper's Putin-Baiting Sideshow. Norman Otis Richmond on Hurricane Carter.

Featured Guest(s):
Murray Dobbin, Norman Otis Richmond

Murray Dobbin explains that Harper’s baiting Putin is a sideshow, but there is a major currency war looming behind the Ukraine crisis.

Norman Otis Richmond remembers Hurricane Carter, his political courage and fascinating personality.

December 2nd, 2013: - Listen | Download

Haiti doesn't need any more of our 'help'. Mother Agnes-Mariam on Events in Syria. Libya's Hell, Enabled by Canadian Humanitarians.

Featured Guest(s):
Yves Engler, Mother Agnes-Mariam, Murray Dobbin

Uruguay just withdrew troops from Haiti. Troops? Now that's a funny word for 'helping' Haiti. Yet the Canadian government says it 'helped' Haiti, while removing its democratically-elected government. From cholera to dictators, it seems as if foreign 'humanitarianism' is the real epidemic in Haiti.

Phil interviewed Mother Agnes-Mariam of Syria about her perspective on what is happening on the ground in that country today.

Western powers invoked the "responsibility to protect"(R2P) to bomb Libya.

The African Union asked NATO not to intervene, but was ignored. Gaddafi was captured and murdered, and today once-prosperous Libya is a political-economic disaster.

Murray Dobbin investigates the context of Gaddafi's existence as head-of-state in Libya, why the U.S. engaged in the pretense of supporting a democratic uprising in order to remove him, and the "humanitarian" echo chamber that substitutes for thinking.

A Humanitarian Coup by Yves Engler

Syria Solidarity Movement

Libya's Hell, Enabled by Canadian Humanitarians by MURRAY DOBBIN

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