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December 27th, 2004: - Listen | Download

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Professor Isaac Saney

Professor Saney, of Dalhousie University, is the author of "Cuba: A Revolution in Motion". Professor Saney talks to Phil about the good response to his recent speaking tour of the US about Cuba. Saney notes that the US views Cuba as a challenge to its hegemony over Latin America. The engineered overthrow of the legitimate elected government of Haiti, with Canadian government complicity, was a test case for Venezuela and Cuba. Ironically, the US government characterizes Cuba as "a force for destabilization" because of Cuba's provision of doctors to poor areas around the world. Professor Saney points out that Cuba has been lauded as a model for underdeveloped nations for health care, for dealing with HIV/AIDS, for economic growth, and for redistribution of wealth. Professor Saney also talks about his soon-to-be-released video documentary about Cuba's important role in southern African liberation struggles.

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