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June 19th, 2006: - Listen | Download

Robert White speaks about Dr Seán Maguire's Oration at this year's Wolfe Tone Commemoration and the history of the Irish Republican Movement. Marty Two-Bulls talks about the upcoming Anniversary of "Custer's Last Stand".

Featured Guest(s):
Robert W. White, Marty Two-Bulls

Indymedia.ie: Oration at Wolfe Tone Commemoration, Bodenstown, June 11, 2006 by Dr Seán Maguire, Mayo.
Indian Country Today
Editorial Cartoons by Marty Two-Bulls
Wikipedia: Battle of the Little Bighorn

May 15th, 2006: - Listen | Download

The 'life and politics' of Ruari O'Bradaigh - an interview with biographer Robert White. Peter Erlinder shares evidence that RPF assasinated the Rwandan President and initiated the war in Rwanda.

Featured Guest(s):
Robert W. White, Peter Erlinder

"The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary", Robert W. White talks about his biography of Ruairi O Bradaigh.

RPF Assasinated President and Initiated War in Rwanda: Defence lawyer, Peter Erlinder, details the evidence.

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