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November 26th, 2012: - Listen | Download

Thomas C. Mountain on Eritrea, press freedom and the Middle East. Aimable Mugara on Rwanda's support for the Congo "rebel" group - M23. Rick Rozoff on NATO's plans for Syria.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas C. Mountain, Aimable Mugara, Rick Rozoff

March 21st, 2011: - Listen | Download

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas C. Mountain, Bernie Dwyer, Ramsey Clark, Fred Jerome

August 30th, 2010: - Listen | Download

Thomas C. Mountain: How the Puntland Pirates (of Somalia) are linked to Ethiopia.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas C. Mountain

July 5th, 2010: - Listen | Download

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas C. Mountain, Aimable Mugara


March 8th, 2010: - Listen | Download

Tom Power: Why does terrorist Posada walk free in Florida? Thomas C. Mountain: The dirty story of the diversion of humanitarian aid in Africa.

Featured Guest(s):
Tom Power, Thomas Mountain


March 1st, 2010: - Listen | Download

Thomas C. Mountain reports on Eritrea's successful work in combating malaria and AIDS. Yves Engler talks about his timely new book, Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain, Yves Engler

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The Eritrean "Coup" That Never Was
Thomas C. Mountain

The New York Times and its cult followers in the American media, amongst others, manufactured an attempted "coup" that never happened in the small East African country of Eritrea.

The story of this "attempted coup" began last Monday morning, January 21 in a small garrison base south of here when three disgruntled officers told their command that they were being transferred to the capital Asmara to guard the Ministry of Information. Excited to be leaving their remote location for life in the capital the citizen soldiers in the command packed their bags, loaded their two tanks on to their trailers, saddled up and headed for the big city.

Several hours later the unit arrived at the unguarded gates of the Eritrean Ministry of Information, unloaded their tanks and,...
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Caught Red Handed; British Assassins in the Horn of Africa
Thomas C. Mountain

In early February of this year, 2011, a six man squad of British mercenaries were caught red handed in the midst of preparing an attempt to assassinate the top leadership of the Eritrean government in the port city of Massawa on the Red Sea.

Of the six, four were apprehended and two managed to escape, abandoning their mates while blazing out of Massawa Bay into the Red Sea in an inflatable speed boat, never to be seen again by Eritrean eyes.

A search of the vessel they arrived on uncovered a cache of tools of the assassins trade. Included was a small arsenal of automatic weapons, a sophisticated satellite communications system, state of the art electronic target range finders, and most damning, several sniper rifles.

All of those arrested have s...
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Oil, IMF and Election Theft; The Makings of an Ivory Coast Coup Attempt
Thomas C. Mountain

Newly discovered oil, an IMF henchman and good old fashioned election robbery are the ingredients of the west's latest electoral coup attempt, this time in the west African country of the Ivory Coast.

The real winner of the Ivorian election was President Gabagbo, who as required under the Ivorian Constitution, was declared the victor by the Ivorian Constitutional Court, the only party empowered to do so by Ivorian law. The west's attempt to install their own puppet as President is part and parcel of the western policy of "crisis management" used to control Africa and exploit its resources.

Very few readers outside of the Ivory Coast have any background in this matter so lets start by reviewing recent Ivorian history.

For decades the French supp...
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