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August 6th, 2012: - Listen | Download

Courteney Griffiths, lawyer for Charles Taylor: Great Power Politics undermine international justice. Thomas Mountain: Ethiopia crisis and reflections on Alexander Cockburn. Pauline Bellens on Zimbabwe’s many accomplishments.

Featured Guest(s):
Courteney Griffiths, Thomas Mountain, Pauline Bellens

March 5th, 2012: - Listen | Download

Yakov Rabkin: Nuclear powers US/Israel are blocking democratic resolution of mid-east crisis. Thomas Mountain: London conference leads to more violent intervention in Somalia.

Featured Guest(s):
Yakov Rabkin, Thomas Mountain

December 19th, 2011: - Listen | Download

Thomas Mountain: Western powers sanction Eritrea, protect criminal regime in Ethiopia. Stephen Gowans: the U.S. and South Korean governments are dangerous and provocative.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain, Stephen Gowans

October 10th, 2011: - Listen | Download

Thomas Mountain talks about the dubious UN work of Angelina Jolie; "Ray" tells what it is like to occupy Wall Street; and Toronto lawyer Chris Black adds more information against Rwandan ruler Paul Kagame.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain, "Ray", Chris Black

August 1st, 2011: - Listen | Download

Thomas Mountain on the lousy role some "humanitarian" food relief agencies in the horn of Africa. Ramsey Clark on Western/Nato mayhem in the mid-east.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain, Ramsey Clark

June 27th, 2011: - Listen | Download

Thomas Mountain from Eritrea: Nato's disrupting entire mideast. Wendy Goldsmith gives us the latest on Canada's Boat to Gaza. Zafar Bangash on Egypt's retreat from revolution.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain, Wendy Goldsmith, Zafar Bangash

April 4th, 2011: - Listen | Download

Thomas Mountain on the UN/French role in Ivory Coast violence. Walter Riley argues that Aristide's return to Haiti is good news.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain, Walter Riley

March 15th, 2010: - Listen | Download

Thomas Mountain unmasks the role of human rights groups in Africa. Mostafa Henaway describes Israeli Apartheid Week success in Quebec.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain, Mostafa Henaway

March 8th, 2010: - Listen | Download

Tom Power: Why does terrorist Posada walk free in Florida? Thomas C. Mountain: The dirty story of the diversion of humanitarian aid in Africa.

Featured Guest(s):
Tom Power, Thomas Mountain


March 1st, 2010: - Listen | Download

Thomas C. Mountain reports on Eritrea's successful work in combating malaria and AIDS. Yves Engler talks about his timely new book, Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain, Yves Engler

January 4th, 2010: - Listen | Download

Thomas Mountain, speaking from Asmara, Eritrea: Ethiopia and Angelina Jolie are up to no good in the Horn of Africa

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain

What Did Angelina Jolie Pay for Her Baby? @ CounterPunch

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