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February 23rd, 2015: - Listen | Download

The murder of Patrick Karegeya haunts the Kagame regime. Roger Auque, mainstream reporter, spy for Mossad and CIA

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Portia Karegeya, Robin Philpot

Portia Karegeya remembers her father, an RPF leader who broke with Rwanda's repressive system. Portia explains the political circumstances that slow the search for justice, but she is confident that the killers will be brought to justice and that the Kagame gang will be removed. A South African court has convicted Rwandan agents in the attempted murder of Gen. Nyamwasa, a sign of hopeful change in Africa.

In posthumous memoir Auque wrote candidly about his work for Israeli and American intelligence, saying he needed the money to maintain his lifestyle. Robin Philpot points out that none of the media outlets (CBC, LaPresse, e.g.) have felt the need to comment. He had used their credentials to acquire information for various intelligence agencies. "If they say nothing, why should they ever be trusted?"

February 8th, 2010 : mp3 file not currently online

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Surprise Turn of Events at Taylor Verdict
Kirsty Sutherland

Today former Liberian president Charles Taylor has been unanimously convicted of 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) sitting at The Hague. The verdict, which convicted Taylor for aiding and abetting rather than joint criminal enterprise, was followed by an impromptu dissent by the Trial Chamber's alternate judge, Justice Sow of Senegal.

In an unexpected turn of events, as Justice Lussick (Presiding), Justice Doherty and Justice Sebutinde rose to leave the courtroom after delivering the verdict, Justice Sow addressed the Court:

"The only moment where a Judge can express his opinion is during the deliberations or in the courtroom, and, pursuant to the Rules, when there are no serious deliberations, the...
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Keep an eye on Kofi Annan, He’s the Master of Disaster

Koffi Annan has been to Damascus for the UN Secretary General. The Syrians had better watch their step with him, he’s as dangerous as a regiment of the Paris led phony Free Syrian Army.

Koffi will try to arrange a UN/Arab League presence in Syria which can then move on to destabilize the government, through such means as disinformation outlets to confuse and demoralize the population and “corridors” for passage of people and weapons to rebel strongholds, safe from Syrian government oversight. That done, when
the time is ripe, when the army has been divided and somewhat disarmed, hostilities can be resumed—with “world opinion” on the side of freshly armed rebels. All blame will placed on Assad.

It should be kept in mind that Koffi Annan did precisely t...
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Open Letter to General Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda
Francis Muhoozi

General Paul Kagame,
President of the Republic of Rwanda
B.P.15 Kigali - RWANDA.
22nd August 2010

Dear Sir,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In direct reference to your published article "Rwanda's democracy is still the model for Africa" of 19th August 2010, I beg to disagree with you as  your close friends the Americans also reminded you through their White House statement of Friday 13th August 2010 Mr. President that, "Democracy is about more than holding elections."

Unfortunately, August 09th 2010 was yet another missed chance for the people of Rwanda to take a step forward towards peace and reconciliation. It was a missed opportunity for all...
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Genocide Denial and Genocide Facilitation: Gerald Caplan and The Politics of Genocide
Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

In his June 17 "review" of our book The Politics of Genocide, for Pambazuka News,1 Gerald Caplan, a Canadian writer who Kigali's New Times described as a "leading authority on Genocide and its prevention,"2 focuses almost exclusively on the section we devote to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.3  Caplan s

Like Gerald Caplan's hostile "review" of our book, The Politics of Genocide, Adam Jones's aggressive attack on our response to Caplan can be explained in significant part by Jones's deep commitment to an establishment narrative on the Rwandan genocide that we believe to be false -- one that misal...
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The Coens and Cormac McCarthy Piss in your boot
Phil Taylor

No Country for Old Men or...The sagebrush did it.

Imagine Raising Arizona without the humour.

This film is based on a book by Cormac McCarthy. Cormac is a dilettante who lives in the desert and plays a loner. And recently like all professional loners he showed up on Oprah looking for money like everybody else. He allowed her to pet him while he played aw shucks. You can guess he gets his dark view of humanity from the mirror. "Publicity shy, very private introverted author of dense prose appears on Oprah. Performs back-flip and talks her leg off."

No Country is a horse opera about a dumb idea that the directors choose to wear down to a frazzle. By opera I mean extravagantly unreal. Men have gunfights in small-town hotels that continue into ...
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U.S. elections: They voted for peace but that isn't what they'll get.

Look out for a Pelosi-Hillary-Bush Axis. None of the Democrat leaders are going to call for an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. They are more likely to go along with some kind of plan to break the country into pieces and to maintain U.S. bases.

Also the Democratic leadership will sign on to a plan to confront Iran, with the UN Security Council providing the cover. The Democrats are as close or closer to the Israeli leadership as is Bush. Nuclear Israel talks openly about bombing Iran and the Democrats and Bush whistle and pretend it has nothing to do with them. Hillary Clinton is one of the worst of the U.S. politicians who act as Israel's enablers. When Israel was bombing Beirut this past summer there was nary a peep out of the Democratic party.

When Hi...
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CBC newsworld's double-talk and double standards on Sudan

At CBC they know which side their bread is buttered on. Monday May 30 "This Hour" featured an accusation of --what else?-- rape in the Darfur region of Sudan. Doctors Without Borders issued a report in which alleged victims say they were attacked by militiamen and soldiers. Sudanese government officials want to see the evidence and the foreign doctors refuse to turn it over. The Sudanese say they will charge the MSF doctor for making false allegations because such an unsubstantiated charge will damage the reputation of the country. This point drew a smirking ho-ho from "This Hour's" host who smiled that Sudan's reputation is already damaged (certainly "This Hour" has done its part to demonize Sudan's government).

But back to the buttered side of the CBC. "This Hour" opened ...
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Carving Sudan: Hollywood's helping hand

"Bush Meets With 'Hotel Rwanda' Manager Paul Rusesabagina...Rusesabagina wants to work with the President" (AP, Feb 17, 2005)

Agit-prop arrives in Sudan. ABC news on Feb. 9 ran a special report from actor Don Cheadle on the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan (we mention Sudan because the Western media is already treating Darfur like it is a separate country). And Cheadle, who has won acclaim as the non-genocidal Hutu in the film Hotel Rwanda, found a refugee who had the following solutions to her country's problems. She told Cheadle: "What we need from the United States is to take this government out of Sudan...to replace the government." As if to give wings to her wishes Cheadle later quotes a U.S. Air Force Major General, Scott Gration, apparently along on the sam...
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